A prospective client called me the other day and told me she wanted to buy a SMART interactive whiteboard. Let’s call her Sarah. “We’ve been having meetings with one of our suppliers and they’ve introduced us to these SMART boards,” Sarah enthused. “Please can you tell me how much they are and when you can get one to us?”

This conversation was going well – not all clients fully understand the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard so chatting to people who have already experienced those benefits obviously makes my job easier – and this lady was ready to make her purchase. “Well which one would you like to buy?” I enquired.

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“Definitely one of the large ones,” she confidently replied, “we have a large meeting room so the bigger the better.”

“OK, do you know what type of SMART interactive whiteboard have you been using and which one you would like to buy?” I asked, rephrasing my question to get a bit more detail.

At this my confident and knowledgeable client became unstuck, “Oh I’m not sure. Our associate just told us it was a SMART board – I didn’t realise there were different types.”

Of course, this client is not alone. There are so many different brands of interactive whiteboard, and SMART alone have a whole catalog of products that could confuse even the most discerning customer. So this article is here to break down what the different types of SMART interactive whiteboards or displays are, so you can decide which one is right for your business.

SMART interactive whiteboard No.1:

SMART kapp

SMART Kapp Board by TecInteractive smart interactive whiteboardSMART kapp is the original digital capture board. It’s very essence is simplicity. You simply walk up to the board, and start writing – exactly like a traditional whiteboard. The difference is that you can ‘connect’ up to 250 devices to the board so colleagues , associates or delegates can all view the contents of the board on their personal device (laptop, phone, tablet or PC) in real time – no matter where they are in the world. Anyone who has connected to the board can save and share the board contents at any time, and the SMART kapp app will store and organise your notes on your phone for easy reference. The boards save as a PDF or Jpeg so you can easily email to others after the meeting.

The SMART kapp’s simplicity means that anyone can use it and now they’re retailing for as little as £440 it seems unclear why anyone would choose a traditional whiteboard over the digital version. If you are looking for a simple, digital means of capturing your meeting notes the SMART kapp might just be the solution. They are available in 42” and 84” with optional mobile trolley or wall mount.


SMART interactive whiteboard No.2:

SMART kapp iQ

SMART Kapp iQ smart interactive whiteboardIf multi-way collaboration or high quality presentation is what’s important in your business, then the answer might be the SMART kapp iQ. The kapp iQ is half digital whiteboard and half ultra HD display. It works like the SMART kapp but also allows meeting delegates to contribute, edit and annotate on the board from their own device. It means that even remote meeting participants can contribute to the session. The panoramic screen allows you to pan your screen left and right giving you more space to work. In addition the kapp iQ looks fantastic. The Ultra HD 4K display means you can present any content you might present on a laptop in sharp, high quality resolution.

The kapp iQ is a great presentation tool and allows anyone to be a part of the session. If you have remote colleagues or want to brainstorm with clients or colleagues over video conferencing this can be a really useful tool to ensure everyone’s ideas are captured. It is available in 55”, 65” or 75” with optional mobile trolley or wall mounted stand.

SMART interactive whiteboard No.3:

SMART kapp iQ Pro

Kapp iQ Pro 75 smart interactive whiteboardThe SMART kapp iQ Pro is what SMART are now calling their premium range of interactive displays; what any clients refer to as a ‘SMART board’. Previously these boards were named by their number, for example, the SMART 8065, but are now known as the SMART kapp iQ Pro 65”. This range of boards, or interactive displays, are the intuitive touch screens that work a bit like a giant iPad. The new reference is helpful in terms of seeing this range of boards as the next level up from the kapp iQ, in the same way the iQ is a step up from the SMART kapp.

Essentially you have the same features as the SMART kapp iQ but in addition the Pro gives you an infinite workspace, and the ability to annotate over any file – whether it be PDF, jPeg, Autodesk, Excel etc, and save your work as you go. It integrates with Microsoft exchange or Office 365, and supports many design and engineering programs like Autodesk or Adobe Illustrator. Intuitive response allows you to zoom in and out with simple hand gestures, or you can bookmark your work so you can return easily with a tap.

Integrated software called Bridgit allows you to share documents, voice and video call directly from the display to create a perfect collaboration solution.

Understanding and appreciating all of the features of the SMART kapp iQ Pro is probably best done by experiencing it for yourself. But suffice to say, if you are in a business that values collaboration, streamlining processes and creating engaging experiences this could be a very useful tool.

In summary:

Of course, explaining it is never the same as experiencing it. My conversation with Sarah revealed that she had in fact been using the SMART kapp iQ Pro, but it turns out that the most useful feature for her business was simply the two-way whiteboard so perhaps she only needs a SMART kapp or kapp iQ. Because of this we’ve arranged for Sarah to visit one of our showrooms so she can experience the different versions for herself before making a decision. If you are looking for impartial advice on which type of SMART interactive whiteboard is right for your business why not give us a call, book an online demo or arrange to visit one of our showrooms across the UK.


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