Meeting Room Furniture

The right furniture in the office can have a massive impact on the way your team work.

Let us help you choose the right solution for your needs that allows you to work the way you want.


TOP-TEC Synergy Collaboration Table

The TOP-TEC Synergy Collaboration table collection are a range of table-based workspaces with adjoining screen masts that promote collaboration and the seamless sharing of information and ideas.

The ergonomically designed range includes tables of all sizes and technical specifications to accommodate from between 3 to 20 people, with a range of sockets, ports and integrated technology available to support your specific business or educational needs.

work zone collaboration table

Workszone Collaboration Table

The WorksZone Collaboration Table Ellipse provides a height adjustable table for sit or stand meetings with a central state-of-the art technology hub that allows easy-to-use connectivity with an adjoining screen or other technology or mobile devices.

The fully integrated central technology hub or TechWell™ has the capacity to accommodate a variety of input/output connections and power sockets, providing connectivity to the latest technical solutions from leading manufacturers.

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