richard vine

Richard Vine

Richard heads up the operations and technical side of the business.  He has many years of experience in the field, which started as an IT / AV Technician at a College in 2002. He ensures that the products we supply are installed to the very highest standard and makes them as simple as possible for the client to use.

With his project management experience he is able to pull together all the elements of a project and ensure it gets delivered to the client on-time and on-budget with minimal fuss, no matter how technical.

I enjoy delivering the solution to the client and making it happen for them.  I’ve been involved in some pretty cool projects over the years, which has taken me all over the UK. I really like to see the job through to completion and a happy client at the end is the icing on the cake!

Richard has a deep understanding of the AV/IT world and is regularly exposed to how end users use the technology and benefit from it on a day to day basis.

Because we are a full solution provider we install the equipment, show the client how to use it and keep in close contact to make sure it gets adopted in the right way. I feed everything back into the business so we have an eco-system going that allows us to continually improve. It’s this dynamic way of running the business that means we are always at the forefront, which is essential if you want to be the best!

Tom Bamford

Tom Bamford

Tom has the passion to bring your business into the 21st century, using his knowledge of the industry he can transform your meetings into powerful and engaging time spent using our interactive technology to collaborate with your teams.

Tom finds new clients for the business and looks after existing ones. He oversees the whole process of engagement with our customers, giving us the edge against our click-to-buy competitors.

My role is really varied, which I enjoy a lot. One day I’ll be in London meeting with clients, the next I’ll be delivering training in Yorkshire, then the next I’m developing a new area on the website and researching new products to offer our customers. No two days are ever the same!

I have seen a lot of new technology come and go over the years and I am fascinated by how people actually use it. I am a big believer in simple things done well and I carry that mantra into the business, bringing simple technology solutions to our clients – ones they can actually use.

Tom is a “jack of all trades” and his many hobbies include: Classic cars, running, cycling, swimming, golf, flying & gliding (whenever possible), fishing, walking in Derbyshire, The Lakes and Wales, cooking, guitar and piano (master of none!)

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