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Best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorm meeting

Let’s face it – technology is amazing. The things that are now possible thanks to technology are quite incredible – we are more connected, more informed, more productive. But whilst technology is awe inspiring, it is ultimately the people using it who are responsible for driving real change in an organisation. It is the power of people coming together, developing ideas and making decisions that actually drives a business. So when you get technology that can support and improve that process the results can be quite incredible. With that in mind, we have identified the best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meeting:

SMART kapp

smart kapp best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meetingSometimes simplicity rules. And that is why some would say the SMART kapp is the best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming. It is simply a digital whiteboard. Once it is plugged in, you can just walk up to it and write on it like any whiteboard. But the magic of this board, is that any one can see the contents of that board from their PC or mobile device – from wherever they are. Just connect your device by tapping in or via the QR code and you can see what is written on the board, appear on your device in real time. Connect remote users by simply emailing them an automatically generated URL. All meeting participants have the option to save and share screen captures of the board at any time, so you never have to worry about wiping the board or losing your work. For an easy to use, cost effective solution that enables brainstorming sessions from wherever you may be, the SMART kapp is a great option.

SMART kapp iQ

SMART Kapp iQ best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meetingThe SMART kapp iQ is a high quality 4K display with digital whiteboard functionality that provides true multi-way collaboration . Like the SMART kapp, it allows all people to see the notes that are being captured in a brainstorming session on their own device in real-time. But in addition, the kapp iQ allows meeting participants to add and edit their own contribution to the board– wherever they may be. Once the device is connected you can write and edit on the board using different coloured ink, in the same way as the person standing in front of the main screen. The SMART kapp iQ is a one of the best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meeting because it encourages everyone to be a part of the session and in doing so, maximises the power of group collaboration.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

interactive display best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meetingThere are so many Interactive Flat Panel Displays on the market it is hard to identify just one as being the best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meeting but collectively, these nifty pieces of tech can take group brainstorming to a new level. These giant touchscreens are designed for collaboration with functionality and user-focused features designed to get everyone involved in the collaborative process. It does this through a variety of ways; the screens respond to the intuitive hand gestures you are familiar with on your personal touch screen device like iphone or tablet making them simple to use. Many displays like the SMART Kapp iQ Pro range also respond to digital pens so you can write in the same natural way you are familiar with on a whiteboard or flipchart.

Like the SMART kapp iQ, there are interactive displays like the Microsoft Surface Hub with multi-way collaboration features, allowing you to conduct a meeting or a presentation on your board and share your screen with remote participants, allowing them to contribute and make changes from their own device. But what makes an interactive display an even better technology for capturing ideas in a brainstorming meeting, is their ability to upload other files and programmes for either reference or to annotate and edit over. This means that when a group may be reviewing amends for a project or a pitch – you can pull up actual files to refer back to and make notes on the documents in question. Having everyone working from the same documents from wherever they may be in the world gives teams the ultimate solution in remote collaboration and that’s what makes interactive displays the best technology for capturing ideas in a brainstorming meeting.

Nureva Span Ideation System

Nureva_Span best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meetingThe Nureva Span system is a cloud-based digital canvas and projector that brings ideation and collaboration into a new dimension. It takes the proven process of brainstorming on a visual canvas where people can write flipchart notes, add sticky notes or images and graphs, and turns it digital. Using up to 40 foot of virtual canvas, any room can be transformed into the backdrop of your brainstorming meeting. People can write notes with their finger or a digital pen, import images, add ‘flipcharts’ or ‘sticky-notes’ and create a visual brainstorm that can be easily saved and also shared. Remote participants can also contribute to the canvas either in real-time or by returning to the saved ideas at a later date. This intuitive system feels like a traditional brainstorming session but the digital functionality means your meetings can be more productive, easier to save and easier to share, making it the best technology for capturing ideas in a brainstorming meeting.

So the best technology to capture ideas in a brainstorming meeting is…

… well we’ll let you decide for yourself. If you would like to see first hand how these technologies can be used in a brainstorming session or other meetings, why not arrange a free online demonstration or come and visit us at one of our showrooms nationwide. With incredible people, incredible ideas and incredible technology, your organisation will have a winning combination for business success.

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