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paperless office

The PaperLess Office: Cost-cutting reality or paper-dreams?

A paperless office saves money, reduces waste, is better for the environment and improves security. So what is holding people back? We look at why a paperless office is still a paper dream for some businesses, and provide our tips for tearing up paper-usage in your organisation.

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technology for agile working

The Right Technology For Agile Working

Agile working is the means of being able to work anywhere. But getting technology right in an agile working environment isn’t simply about giving people a wi-fi password and a laptop. Too often businesses choose to adopt agile working without giving enough consideration to what they really need.  So what technology is the right technology for agile working?

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Neutral decor

Is THIS The Ultimate Award-Winning Interactive Display?

In the world of interactive displays there are so many options to choose from. How do you even know where to start – let alone which one to pick?! We look at why the award winning interactive display range from CleverTouch might be the answer to your problems…

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Neutral decor

7 Steps for Designing a Video Conferencing Room

Designing a video conferencing room requires a very specific brief. Get it wrong, and you’ll find your meetings are less productive, as you struggle to connect with, see, hear and collaborate with your associates. Follow these steps for designing a video conferencing room and we’ll make sure you get it right!

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