How to create the ultimate demo room that your customers will love:

For many businesses today coming up with the ideas is just half of the challenge. If you are a business that relies on pitching, presenting or demonstrating to clients to get those ideas off the ground, then you will recognise the growing need for a meeting space that enables that process. That space must allow for not only the presentation of ideas, but also for the process of gaining feedback and interaction from clients. An opportunity to collaborate and develop ideas in these meetings can be a fundamental part of ‘getting things right’. Over recent years we’ve worked with several clients to create these types of spaces so here are our tops tips on how to create the ultimate demo room that your customers will love:

The Ultimate Demo Room: Step 1

This needs to be a primary concern for the ultimate demo room. Firstly, comfortable surroundings will make people feel at ease and relax so that everyone is in the meeting with the right frame of mind. Secondly, the process of reviewing, agreeing and developing ideas can be a long one. So having people stuck on hard seats without refreshment is neither good for relationship building nor for the required longevity of the process.

A great demonstration suite should accommodate the different activities that may take place there – formal seating for meetings and presentations, comfortable breakout seating for when you need to ‘step away’, desks to work on – perhaps consider standing desks or bar stools to encourage different postures and ways of working. And making sure everyone is fed and watered will also improve comfort, so consider a drinks fridge, fruit bowl, coffee machine etc… Not only will everyone work more productively when their elementary needs are provided for, your customers will really appreciate that you are looking after them.

The Ultimate Demo Room: Step 2

Evoko_Minto_Front_Angle 400wOften in a presentation environment you want a degree of privacy and not to be disturbed – but don’t let this mean you forgo connectivity. Great wifi so people can stay in touch with the wider world will help them to remain present throughout the process, as well as allow them to connect with other parties who cannot be present but who may need to be involved. You could even consider an interactive display which allows you to connect with other remote users or a portable conference phone like the Evoko Minto might also be a simple solution to help people stay connected.

The Ultimate Demo Room: Step 3

Choosing the best medium to present your ideas takes a lot of consideration. Not least because there so many products out there that can help you achieve this, it can be hard to decide which solution will suit you best.

Nureva span ultimate demo roomProjection is a favourite option as it takes minimal space and offers a higher level of experience for the user. Images can be very large and even floor to ceiling . A solution like an immersive suite can offer you a fully immersive space to present in,  solve complex problems and edit as you go along adding images or digital flip-notes as required.

A video wall allows you to use multiple screens to make up your presentation canvas. The result isn’t so interactive but you would have high quality visual and the opportunity to display either one large image across the wall or a series of smaller images.

CTouch by TecInteractive ultimate demo roomFlat panel displays like a simple ‘television’ are a traditional option and you can have as many as you like in a variety of sizes. But before you opt for a straight forward screen, why not consider an interactive touch-screen flat panel like a SMART allows you to edit, highlight or interact with the screen as you go along for a more engaging presentation. 

The Ultimate Demo Room: Step 4

As already highlighted under ‘Presentation’, the best kinds of presentation or demonstration offer some form of interaction. Interaction means engagement, and engagement means ideas can flow and develop. The best client pitches seek feedback and ideas from the clients themselves. Choosing interactive mediums like a Nureva Span projection system or a touchscreen display really invite your audience into the process. People become more engaged if they can literally reach out and touch the ideas or add their own edits, notes and feedback. This kind of technology is intuitive so anyone can use it allowing everyone to be a part of the process.

The Ultimate Demo Room: Step 5

Ideas spur ideas. When the creative process starts it can be explosion of new suggestions and concepts that need to be captured and explored. Of course some of the presentation systems we have discussed offer that facility within them but for those presenting on simple flat-screens or for those that need an additional means of idea capture there are a few good options. Whiteboards and flip charts have always been a simple way to achieve this. Although recent technological developments have seen the arrival of digital capture boards like the SMART kapp or kapp iQ that take that process to a different level: capture your ideas as you would on a traditional white board but save your musings at the touch of a button, ready to save and share as you require. Meeting participants – including people working remotely – can view the contents of the board on their own device whether that be a laptop, mobile or tablet.

The Ultimate Demo Room: Step 6

Huddle tables:
Desk space is always useful but tables that offer connectivity can bring that to another level. Tables like the Workszone Collaboration Tables are not only mobile and height adjustable; they also provide an inbuilt connectivity ‘hub’ allowing users to connect to either adjoining screens, or USB’s through hidden but easily accessible wires. We’re even seeing the arrival of ‘charging tables’ – just put your phone down on the table and let your battery re-charge!

Creating the ultimate demo room requires a lot of investment – it’s not just the cost; it’s the time investment spent researching what products are available and what would work best for your own business. If you are thinking about investing in a presentation or demo suite that your customers will love, why not give us a call. We can arrange product demonstrations, free trials and we can help you to discover what solutions are out there and what would best suit your business.

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