Ibsecad Case Study

One of the reasons that IBSECAD chose to work with TecInteractive is our considerable experience in the construction and engineering sectors. We understand how SMART’s solutions can be deployed to meet the specific needs of these construction and engineering professionals and we have first-hand experience of the particular benefits that SMART Boards can deliver for these sectors.


Envireau Water uses SMART Board in a number of different ways to aid collaboration and interaction, powered by SMART Meeting Pro™ collaboration and meeting productivity software.  In the office, they use it day-to-day much like a whiteboard to sketch and record  thoughts and ideas, or as a projector for PowerPoint presentations but it really comes into its own when we display and share engineering drawings either as PDFs or CAD outputs.


The solutions adopted by Extrudakerb have digitised their output whilst making face-to-face communication easier and more time-efficient. Money has been saved by reducing paper waste and digital documents are much easier to view, amend and collaborate on. The ability to collaborate with colleagues, clients and associates anywhere has greatly reduced the time and cost of meeting travel, without losing the ability to see someone face-to-face.

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