Cadbury has a 100 year history in making some of the world’s best known confectionery brands from their famous Bournville manufacturing facility in Birmingham.

With the aim of improving training delivery the training department at Bournville recently invested in a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

“We used to have to source and then set up a projector before each session, which in itself was a pain” says Angela Andrews, powered vehicle instructor.

“We have moved on from the days of passive PowerPoint training to a fully interactive experience. This technology has given us the ability to give so much more to our staff in terms of training and we are also able to get more from them too.”

“In addition to being used in training sessions the SMART Board is also used as a management tool in team meetings. Notes and diagrams can be quickly and easily sketched onto the board using digital ink, which can then be saved to a USB stick or emailed to the team directly from the board. The speed that we make decisions has certainly increased with the technology‚”

“One of our plant managers was in the training session that TecInteractive gave after installation. He was so impressed, we have ordered more SMART interactive boards to be used throughout our Bourneville factory in a variety of departments.”

“Interactive technology and manufacturing have come together at Cadbury with very positive results”.

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