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Since 1996, IBSECAD has grown into an industry leading BIM (Building information Modelling) Consultancy. With offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the USA, IBSECAD supports projects across the globe.

Closer to home, the company has worked on some of the most iconic buildings in the UK, including the Gherkin, Royal London Hospital and Emirates Stadium, as well as enjoying a burgeoning portfolio of overseas projects.

Working with main contractors and sub-contractors, IBSECAD helps to bridge the gap between design and build by utilising the latest BIM collaboration technology to visualise construction plans and support its clients in delivering projects on time and under budget.

Capturing the Review Process

The main software tool used by IBSECAD for 3D BIM modelling is Autodesk Navisworks, a specialist product for the architecture, engineering and construction industries, which requires flythrough and collaborative workshops.

However, as explained by Richard Baglow, Regional Director of IBSECAD, the traditional review process using projectors and paper copies left something to be desired:

“IBSECAD have a lot of workshops with client teams, design teams and site teams, running through the BIM models on the screen, for which we use Autodesk Navisworks. This is a big step forward from looking at paper drawings and makes it easier for the clients to visualise their projects. However, the challenge lies in how we work with those models, record the collaborative process and capture the changes we want to make. We were limited to using screen grabs of images and marking them up by hand, using Photoshop packages or using the commentary tool in Navisworks, but it was a relatively slow process.”

It was clear that a solution allowing for a greater degree of interaction, that provided a faster and more accurate means of capturing the review process would be highly beneficial.

The BIM Industry is about Collaborating and Sharing Ideas

Ibsecad_Board_RoomFor IBSECAD, as Richard explains, the solution was a SMART Board Interactive whiteboard.

“We knew that we wanted a more efficient and effective way of working, particularly when engaging with our clients. A few years ago I visited the US offices of one of our clients, Skanska, the main contractor on the University Medical Centre project in Louisiana. They were using a SMART Board for BIM 3D modelling and I knew immediately that this was the right solution for IBSECAD.”

TecInteractive installed a SMART Board-885ix2 interactive whiteboard with Meeting Pro software at IBSECAD’s London office. Richard describes how the SMART Board supports their work:

“The SMART Board fits in brilliantly with our working environment. The BIM industry is about collaborating and sharing ideas and the SMART Board takes this further than ever. For example, we can pass the pen around the meeting so that everyone can input directly onto the SMART Board, with a level of interaction that we hadn’t seen before. Previously, we would have to think carefully about any annotations we made because they were always on paper. Now, with the SMART Board, it is quick and easy to alter a design without ruining the plan.”

“Clients think it’s amazing. We use it for internal meetings and for training as well, but the main benefit of the SMART Board is for client interface meetings. You can take screen captures while you are using the board, so it allows us to show our BIM models to clients and to make real time alterations in line with our discussions with them.”


Choosing the Right Supplier was Crucial to the Success of the Technology

Ibsecad_Case_StudyTom Bamford of TecInteractive explains how their experience in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry meant that they were well placed to work together with IBSECAD:

“One of the reasons that IBSECAD chose to work with TecInteractive is our considerable experience in the construction and engineering sectors. We understand how SMART’s solutions can be deployed to meet the specific needs of these construction and engineering professionals and we have first-hand experience of the particular benefits that SMART Boards can deliver for these sectors. We were able to pass the benefits of our experience on to IBSECAD.”

“Our team installed IBSECAD’s SMART Board, as we do for all of our customers. As a specialist in SMART products for the corporate sector and a SMART accredited provider, we provide a full service, covering supply, installation, training, ongoing support and maintenance.”

Richard Baglow of IBSECAD was very happy with the service provided by TecInteractive:

“TecInteractive were very knowledgeable about the products, they really understood what a SMART Board could do for us and they gave us the best value package. The installation process went very smoothly indeed and the follow-up service from TecInteractive, including checking how we were getting on and providing updates, was also great. They delivered some very effective training at the outset in order to familiarise us with the technology, equip us with the skills we need and help us to understand how to get the best out of the SMART Board.”

After just a few months of use, the benefits that the SMART Board is delivering for IBSECAD and its clients are immediately apparent, according to Richard:

“The SMART Board takes meetings to a whole new level. Having relied on marked-up hard copies of the plans, we can now keep everything electronically. This makes the whole process a lot quicker. The SMART Board is superb at keeping everyone on track with project schedules. By capturing a detailed record of the collaborative process, it also provides greater clarity and transparency, which reduces the risk of any last minute disputes over the decisions taken.”

Richard believes that the SMART Board has helped IBSECAD to stay ahead of the competition:

“The SMART Board is the best piece of technology we have ever invested in. We’re leading the way in our industry with this technology. We make sure that we write it into tenders and tell prospective clients all about our SMART Board and the benefits for progress review meetings and sign-off workshops. On the University Medical Centre project in Louisiana, we use the SMART Board to work with colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic. It proves that with these tools, we can bid for, win and deliver contracts anywhere in the world.”

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