Enhancing Purpose Media’s productivity with smart AV solutions.

Purpose Media is a full-service marketing agency desperate to improve its boardroom tech for flexible working. With our help, the business now has an agile video conferencing system for efficient communication with clients and staff.

The Problem

Purpose Media’s outdated AV software made it difficult to host virtual conferences, as the business relied on personal laptops. The outdated products significantly impacted meeting productivity and output, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

As Government-imposed restrictions started to lift and staff went back to the office, the senior leadership team at Purpose Media recognised the need for an improved AV system. The system needed to enable the wider team to conduct professional, high-quality virtual meetings to impress clients and improve collaboration between teams working from home and those in the office.

The Solution

After learning what was important to Purpose Media, we shaped smart tech to fit into the business to enhance productivity and collaboration. We installed a Poly Studio X50 video conferencing solution designed for both Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms software. The multi-approach solution helps Purpose Media control boardroom meetings and improve collaboration and communication with staff and clients alike – as both platforms can be accessed through one device.

Purpose Media's smart meeting room solution

The Poly Studio X50 offers a simple video conferencing solution for medium-sized conference rooms, with dual monitor support and rich stereo sound for a high-quality video experience perfect for creative team brainstorms. The intelligent 4K camera also automatically frames the people in the room and dynamically readjusts to any changes throughout the meeting. The table touch console means team members can dial into meetings with just one touch, improving efficiency and accessibility. This console also allows for on-board support for cloud video platforms, so no room PC or Mac is required.

Purpose Media’s Poly Studio X50 system also boasts adaptive beam-forming microphones with a 25-feet range, so every participant can be heard no matter where they’re sitting in the room.

As well as installing the Poly Studio X50, we helped Purpose Media achieve its goals with an acoustic totem and wireless tabletop phone charger. The totem helps reduce sound reverberation, echo and noise within the meeting room. This enables Purpose Media to continue to host virtual meetings professionally, avoiding ‘tinny’ sound and echoing, which can be off-putting when speaking to prospective clients as well as colleagues.

The Outcome

Purpose Media now has an efficient meeting room solution that increases productivity and enables the firm to maintain its professionalism.

Purpose Media's smart room solution

The new system has been well received internally and has future-proofed Purpose Media’s office to support flexible working.

Tim Lenton, Purpose Media’s Technical Director, comments: “Working with TecInteractive has been seamless. From the moment we enquired through to installation, the process has been efficient and straightforward, something we value in our fast-paced industry. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and took our needs and thoughts into consideration before recommending any solutions, plus they offered comprehensive training on the products they installed.

We were looking for a system that could improve collaboration and make flexible working more accessible. The Poly Studio product matches our needs and enables us to communicate internally and externally with ease. The system also helps us make a great impression when we use it to speak to our clients, this is massively important for us as we strive to always provide the best service.

Flexible working is imperative to us and our team and the solutions TecInteractive has provided help us achieve it. We’re really pleased with the service received”.

Offering honest advice and tried and tested systems, when you work with TecInteractive you get a solution you can trust, backed by years of experience and innovation. We give teams the tools to work better and achieve more, making collaboration in the workplace simple, enjoyable, and inclusive.

If you’re keen to reap similar benefits to Purpose Media, get in touch. We’d love to learn more about your business and what you’d like to achieve.