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Free Video Conferencing App For Everyone

As Coronavirus forces people to work from home, this video calling app will keep workers collaborating

Derbyshire Tech firm TecInteractive are offering a free video conferencing app to any individuals or businesses who want to utilise video communication to stay in touch during the coronavirus pandemic. As offices close and people are asked to work from home, workers are looking for a simple way to stay in touch and maintain their day to day working.

Video calling provides the same rapport as being face to face whilst ensuring that meetings can still go ahead. Managers find its easy to ‘just say hi’ to members of their team, helping to maintain engagement at a time when people are feeling anxious and worried. And with inbuilt screen sharing, users find they are still able to collaborate and work together, even if they cannot work in the same room or office together.

The Growth of Video Conferencing

Video meetings have been growing in popularity over the last few years, as the availability of good quality, cloud-based video networks bring an affordable (and in this case free) way to stay in touch with people without travelling. Businesses with remote workers or those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint have found video meetings a good alternative that saves time and money. Now, as people are being asked to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also being used for essential communication and collaboration between teams.

Free Video Conferencing App Download

The app, from video conferencing network provider StarLeaf, offers a simple solution that anyone can access. Simply download the app to install StarLeaf on Windows, Mac, iOS or android mobile. Register by entering your email address, and you’ll be sent a 6 digit access code. Once you’ve inputted the code you’ll have full access to the app including one-on-one calling, group meetings, screen-sharing and messaging. Most importantly it’s simple to use. So when you are calling your most important client or your team, you can be sure of a reliable, no-hassle way to stay in touch.

Download the StarLeaf App HERE

We trust that you’ll find this free video conferencing app easy to use. But if you need any help, advice or support we’re here to help. Just contact us at TecInteractive.

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