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Making Hot-Desking Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hot desks are a key feature in many offices but how can we use them safely during the pandemic?

The latter part of the 2010s saw hot-desking as a key feature in many UK offices. This space-saving way of working went hand-in-hand with remote working, allowing businesses to reduce the number of desks required whilst still giving remote workers a place in the office. Now, in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, more people are remote working than ever before. But rather than utilising the benefits of hot desks, businesses are concerned that these shared touch points could be a potential source of virus transmission.  While business leaders, Health and Safety experts and office designers start to reassess what we now need from our offices, we look at how we can make hot-desking safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Government Guidelines on Hot Desks

Government guidelines stress the importance of ensuring social distancing in the workplace and the need to minimise shared touch points. Understandably, they actively advise against hot desks.  But for businesses that either have hot desking in place, or who seek to reduce their real estate costs going forward in these uncertain economic times, is there a solution that can make hot-desking safe whilst we battle COVID? 


The key thing to making hot-desking safe is cleanliness: To eliminate the risk of cross contamination. So that if an infected person uses a desk, the next person using it does not pick up their germs.  Hot desk booking systems are the answer. These clever systems can show, not only when a desk is free, but when it is clean. Meet the GoBright desk booking system


GoBright is a simple desk booking system that uses colour coding to indicate if desks are free, booked, about to be booked, and, most importantly, clean. The desktop indicator is also visible via the app so you can book a desk in advance, knowing that if you make that essential visit to the office, you will find a space. When you leave, the desk top light shows up purple indicating that the desk is not to be used until clean. Then cleaning staff can do their magic and swipe to update the light to ‘Green’ and available when it’s done. 


The benefits of a GoBright system go beyond desk cleaning: 

  • Manage the number of people coming into the office
  • The light up system can make desks ‘unavailable’ to ensure safe spacing between desks and staff
  • Easily find colleagues wherever they may be in an office via the app, and book to sit near your team mates
  • Sensors register movement and can provide real-time information on availability
  • Get data to analyze desk usage and make informed decisions about office design and space planning for the future

Go Bright’s room booking systems also provide a great way to minimise risk in meeting rooms and shared spaces in the office. Meeting spaces can be booked remotely (or from the office) so when everyone comes to the office, the space is available. The GoBright system clearly shows the room capacity so you can ensure users can safely distance themselves. Touch points are minimised by allowing room booking and ordering of additional equipment from users’ personal devices. Sensors automatically register when the rooms are being used whilst lights and display screens turn on automatically a few minutes before the meeting is due to start. 


We know that during these challenging times, solutions that support the health and safety of staff, whilst helping people to work effectively is essential. Finding simple solutions like these, that just work, is what we’re all about. So if you’d like to find out more about the GoBright hot desk booking system or room booking system or discuss other workplace challenges that technology might be able to resolve, we’d love to hear from you. 

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