Choosing the Right Technology for Your Meeting Room:

Affordable Meeting Room Technology Solutions To Suit Your Business

If your meeting room needs updating but you don’t know where to start, then maybe one of our meeting room technology packages is for you?

We have put a number of products together that will give you a meeting room system that’s easy to understand and simple to use. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to – from technology to accessories and technical support. You can even spread the cost with affordable monthly payments.

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Talk to your staff, customers or visitors through fully customisable graphic or video messages on a large screen.

We’ll provide the tech – you provide the message.



With Monthly Finance over 3 years

Cable Free

Did you know that you can connect your laptop to a display screen without any fiddly cables or connections?

It's time to start presenting without wires.



With Monthly Finance over 3 years


A simple but high quality camera and sound system combined with an Ultra-HD display screen.

Use with any Video Conferencing app such as Skype or Zoom.



With Monthly Finance over 3 years


If you love the intuitive touch-screen of your smartphone, tablet or even laptop, you’ll love having the same simplicity in your meeting room display. Tap, swipe or control your presentation directly from the screen for highly engaging, effective meetings.



With Monthly Finance over 3 years

Kapp iQ

A versatile Ultra-HD meeting room touch display, giving one touch access to a whiteboard, web browser and wireless screen sharing from your device. Connect in a laptop and run interactive meetings and presentations, annotating over any application as you go.



With Monthly Finance over 3 years

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1. Digital Signage 2. Display +
Wireless Connectivity
3. Video Conferencing
4. Touch Display 5. SMART Kapp iQ
Interactive Display
Screen Size 50" 65" Up to 10 People 65" Up to 10 People 65" Up to 10 People 65" Up to 10 People
Interactive Touch Screen Use the screen as a mouse
Connect Wirelessly for laptops, iOS & Android
Tableplate Connections Wired connectivity
High Quality Video Conferencing Camera & Audio
Monthly Finance Cost over 1 Year From: £191 £218 £260 £365 £464
Monthly Finance Cost over 3 Years From: £69 £78 £94 £128 £166
Up Front Price £1974 £2252 £2695 £3684 £4797

Have you ever wondered why, in a world of wi-fi, i-phones, tablets and increasing connectivity, so many meetings rooms are still stuck in the last century? Static rooms that fail to inspire or outdated technology that leaves people flustered, fiddling with wires or unable to communicate effectively are letting us down. The reality is that the world of meeting room technology is moving just as fast as personal devices – it’s just that most people are not aware of what their options are. Other people know what they are looking for but find that purchasing meeting room technology isn’t a straight forward ‘off-the shelf purchase’. Often you need additional components, technical support or advice, to get the most out of your solution.

If you fit into one of these categories you may be interested in one of our meeting room technology packages. We’ve created 5 options to cater for most meeting room needs – from digital signs to video conferencing to collaboration solutions. And as a package solution, we can ensure that you’re getting the best price. Pick a package or customise your own with the technology that best suits your business.

stand up meeting with screen

We are also able to offer the below meeting room systems on a finance plan with affordable monthly payments. Spread the cost of your investment over 1 or 3 years*, so you can brighten up your meeting space, improve collaboration in your business and start getting a return on your investment straight away.

*Other payment periods are available

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