One touch access to a whiteboard, web browser and wireless screen sharing, all without the need for an external PC.

Display, whiteboard, video conference hub, the SMART Kapp iQ is an all in one collaboration system. SMART Kapp iQ gives one-touch access to a whiteboard, a web browser and wireless screen sharing, all without the need for an external PC. Plus, plug in your laptop and you can video conference using your software of choice.

Add Meeting Pro software and you can use the included pens to freely annotate over any application on the laptop. You can even draw over PowerPoint and PDF files , saving notes into the file if required.

The Package includes:

  • Comes with a digital whiteboard app built in to take notes – no more typing up
  • Contribute from anywhere using your personal device
  • Annotate over any PC application
  • Annotate directly into a PDF or Powerpoint and save notes directly into the file
  • Built in wireless sharing for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices
  • Available in 65″ and 75″ screen sizes
  • Wall mount kit included
  • Installation, training and support available

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Price Guide and Finance Options

Screen Size 65" Up to 10 People
Interactive Touch Screen Use the screen as a mouse
Connect Wirelessly for laptops, iOS & Android
Tableplate Connections Wired connectivity
Monthly Finance Cost over 1 Year From: £464
Monthly Finance Cost over 3 Years From: £166
Up Front Price £4,797

All prices exclude VAT

Package 5 Bundle includes:

SMART Kapp iQ 65″ Interactive Touchscreen

SMART Kapp iQ, annotate over any your computer screen, save notes directly into PowerPoint’s and PDF’s. It also have in-built digital Whiteboard and web browser for when your PC is stuck doing updates…

Table Connectivity

Simple, reliable, a high quality table plate with connectivity for your devices, in your table!

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