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Clevertouch Pro Series gives you the freedom to walk into a meeting room, connect any device to your panel and collaborate instantly with meeting participants wherever they may be. A simple yet powerful collaboration system.

UX Pro Series

Clevertouch Pro is a versatile, multi-purpose interactive display with 4k resolution and highly responsive whiteboard. Access and annotate over existing documents, save and share your work via email or the cloud and connect to multiple devices without wires for enterprise level collaboration. 

The Clevertouch Pro is as simple to use as your tablet – just switch it on and go. It’s simple to install with low maintenance and no subscriptions. They’re designed to integrate with your existing systems using an optional slot in PC to load your existing apps and software from your network, for seamless and secure collaboration around the globe. Remote management tools and a comprehensive warranty provide peace of mind in the longer term.

The CleverTouch Pro Series is a range of 3 displays with different features:

Team collaboration is essential in the workplace. The Clevertouch Pro is a walk-up and write collaboration tool with a range of features to help you and others to meet, discuss, share and develop ideas.

UX Pro

The Clevertouch UX Pro is an all-in-one Enterprise Ecosystem for the agile workplace, combining touch screen, room booking and UC platform at one cost with no subscriptions.


The Clevertouch E-CAP has a highly responsive and accurate writing style. It comes with two active styluses for dual pen functionality, plus palm recognition and pressure sensing technology.

High Precision

The Clevertouch High Precision uses infrared technology to enhance the standard experience by recognising the varied stylus to assign different colours to different stylus or your finger. Ultra-precise writing experience and gesture control is guaranteed.

Each display in the Clevertouch Pro Series features:

In addition, the UX Pro and E-Cap feature:

The UX Pro also features:

  • Touch-menu gives instant access to documents, folders, apps, and settings
  • CleverShare app built in allows easy wireless sharing from your laptop or device
  • Connectivity includes HDMI, VGA, RS232 and USB
  • Browse the web straight from the screen without a PC
  • The ever-present ‘widget’ lets you annotate over any app, document, or external source
  • Share notes instantly via email or QR code
  • 5 year on-site de/re installation warranty (UK Mainland)

Why customers like it

"We invested in Clevertouch Pro for our brand new office around 3 years ago. Since then, all of our team have used the technology every day both internally for design meetings and also for presentations to clients.
Staff have been impressed, clients have been impressed, it really has been a massive benefit to way we operate and collaborate together.
The guys at TecInteractive combined Clevertouch with video conferencing for us, so we can host any kind of meeting we like in the boardroom. I would highly recommend the TecInteractive team to other businesses!"

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