GoBright Room & Desk Booking

GoBright offers users a complete solution for room booking, hot-desking and visitor management, making it easy for people to Meet, Work, and Visit.

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The GoBright Room Booking solution makes it easy to find, book and cancel meeting room bookings. It integrates easily with your Outlook or Google suites so you can find, book and cancel room bookings directly from your desktop or from the room-based display touch-screens.

Save time and efficiencies as rooms can be easily found, reducing unnecessarily empty rooms, interruptions and dual bookings.



GoBright turns flexible workspaces into personal desks. Desktop mounted indicators make it easy to see which desks are available and smart sensors detect if a desk is unoccupied. Or you can book a desk on the smart app.

Check-in to your chosen workspace with your personal NFC-card or smartphone and the desk will automatically sync to your personal sitting or standing height. 



GoBright Digital Self-Registration provides a professional, intuitive and GDPR-proof self-registration service for visitors, creating a more efficient sign-in process for staff and their guests.

Once the guest is registered, the system sends an SMS to their host notifying of their arrival.


Why we like it

We like any product that makes life easier and more efficient in the office, and GoBright offers 3 in 1! Each solution is simple to use and integrate. And eliminates many of the stresses and frustrations of employees looking for a space to meet or work, or the inefficiencies of registering visitors.

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