Nureva Wall and Nureva Span

Nureva Wall provides an interactive workspace that supports visual collaboration. An ultra-wide image combines with capacitive touch making it easy for people to work together, creating visual workflows and sharing ideas interactively.

Nureva Wall and Nureva Span

The Nureva Wall System offers an interactive display on an incredible scale. With over 60 metres of digital work space, it’s easy for colleagues to create a visual map of their ideas, using digital-sticky notes, images and other documents. The wall mounted ultra short-throw HD projector combines with a precise touch-experience akin to the latest smartphones. Nureva Wall configurations can be as small as 2.3m, up to 18.3m and can span an entire wall, be placed on a corner or even wrap around the whole room.

Powered by SpanTM Workspace, a Span subscription provides unlimited cloud-based canvases with over 60 metres of digital workspace to create visual maps of processes and ideas. Tools include notes, sketches, custom templates, screen sharing and more and can be used on the wall or any other device or display so you can still collaborate when you’re away from the meeting room. SpanTM Workspace is also available as a subscription only without the Nureva Wall for team collaboration from anywhere.


  • Precise multi-touch experience (upto 40 points of touch on a dual system)
  • Works in virtually any lighting conditions on any wall type
  • Ultra short-throw projector yields lowest price per pixel of any display
  • Configurations between 2.3m and 18.3m
  • Project round corners or whole room
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple systems can be controlled by one computer
  • Powered by SpanTM Workspace subscription

Why we like it

The Nureva Wall brings visual collaboration into the digital age. No longer reliant on taking photos of your paper-based collaboration sessions, the Nureva saves your ideas in the cloud, ready to return to or amend at a later date. Accessible and editable in real-time through other desktop and mobile devices, the Nureva Wall and Nureva Span software provides a simple collaboration solution for colleagues, wherever they may be in the world. With more digital space than any other interactive system on the market, it’s a must for creative and visual teams.

Tom Bamford, TecInteractive Director

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