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Poly Studio

Poly Studio is a premium video sound bar offering exceptional quality audio and a natural video experience, via simple USB connection. Perfect for smaller spaces.

The Poly studio provides a natural audio experience, picking up and delivering sound even as participants move around the room. The camera has group framing and automatic speaker tracking for a personal experience.

Just connect your computer via USB to run your cloud-based video service provider of choice. And feel safe in the knowledge that IT can manage any issues centrally via the cloud-based centralised management system.

video conferencing after lockdown


  • Acoustic Fence keeps voices outside the room from interrupting your calls

  • Up to 3.7 m/12 ft microphone pickup range

  • Smart-camera experiences are built in — no drivers or software needed

  • Centralized management enables high-scale deployments

  • Works with nearly any video platform – just connect your laptop via USB

Why we like it

Video bars are a neat solution that work well in a huddle space and this one is the best quality one we’ve seen. Sound quality is great for people on both sides of the call and the video supports a much more natural and engaging communication. The fact it can be paired with any video platform and managed centrally makes this product a great all-rounder.

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