The boardroom is an important space for a business; a space that is specifically designed for members of an organisational board to meet, discuss and make decisions. But gone are the days when a long polished table and rows of leather seating are enough to equip your executives sufficiently for a Board meeting.

Technology has transformed the way we work at our desks but even the popular practice of bringing your own technology to a meeting isn’t quite going to cut it for the C-Suite.  Your Boardroom will require high quality, efficient and reliable technology that will facilitate presentation, collaboration and decision-making.

With the rise of personal devices and working in the ‘cloud’, it is vital that businesses provide the right technology and connectivity in the boardroom, so that meetings can run smoothly and efficiently.

Here are some of our favourite technologies that will help you to make the most out of your boardroom space:

  1. Presenting facts, figures and ideas is a major concern for people in the board room, so tools that will help you to do this are essential. Consider moving away from the grainy images of a projector and opt for a 4K high resolution display to present your figures in amazing clarity.


  1. Is one screen or display enough? Providing multiple screens allows you to present different information and even conduct video conference calls simultaneously. Use Clickshare or WePresent to connect your laptop screen at the touch of a button. No more fiddling with cables – just click and connect!


  1. Create a more memorable and engaging presentation experience with an interactive display. Present graphs, charts and information with the ability to write and annotate over using digital pens or even a finger.


  1. Interactive displays can work two–ways. Allow board members to connect to the main display from their tablet or laptop and they can view the screen without straining their eyes to see down the other end of the table. They can either make edits, comments or annotations directly from their own device that show up on the main-screen.


  1. Your board members and executives require the ultimate in efficiency. Consider a boardroom table that provides easy connectivity to power sources, internet and A/V equipment like a Workszone Collaboration table, with integrated power ‘hub’.


  1. A high quality video-conferencing solution is essential for a modern boardroom. The cloud-based Starleaf Group Telepresence is perfect for large meeting spaces or auditoriums as it can support up to 2 screens, 2 microphones and 3 cameras.


  1. Introduce crystal clear audio to your boardroom for voice and video conferencing that allows everyone in the room to be heard equally no matter where they are sitting. The Nureva HDL-300 does exactly that – check out the video to find out more…
VIVIDTouch by TecInteractive
starleaf gtm 5250 for skype

Making the most of your boardroom requires a lot of attention to the technology within it. The technology needs to be high quality but also simple to use and efficient, whilst maximising collaborative opportunities. If you would like to discuss boardroom or meeting room technology in more detail and find out what options will suit your business and budget, why not call our friendly team today.

Main Picture Credit: Morgan Lovell

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