Your conference room is an important space. It may be where board members meet, where clients are briefed or simply be the hub where people connect, communicate and share.

Meeting Room Technology in a Conference RoomAnd a room that is designed to bring large groups together needs to facilitate that communication seamlessly, easily and professionally.

Too often in large meetings or presentations, technology lets people down – whether it’s the big client presentation where people are  struggling with wires or connections, or the conference call where no one can hear what’s being said, or maybe its just the absence of technology that screams “we are not a progressive company”.

A conference room is a space where you can showcase the best of your business – either in a presentation to clients or a meeting with stakeholders – and in the modern business world having technology that supports that is certainly part of the equation.


  1. Having a high quality audio system is essential for a conference room. The Evoko Minto and Konftel range eliminates background noise whilst ensuring full clarity of sound no matter where people are sitting


  1. Allow everyone in your meeting to connect and share the content from your main screen via a Clickshare wireless presentation system. Show high quality video and audio direct from mobile or a desktop


  1. Allow people to easily book and or make use of an empty conference room with a simple, fully integrated room booking system like Room Sync or Evoko Liso.


  1. A high quality video-conferencing solution is essential to connect with remote colleagues or clients and the cloud-based Starleaf Group Telepresence is perfect for large meeting spaces or auditoriums as it can support up to 2 screens, 2 microphones and 3 cameras


  1. For engaging presentations or group collaboration, an interactive display is the ultimate solution. With so many to choose from, you may want to see our guide to interactive displays (please email the sales team on [email protected] if you would like your copy).


  1. A flat panel display (or Big Screen!) is an easy way to bring technology into your conference room. Connect to a laptop to share information, video or images


  1. Provide a technology-enabled table like the Synergy Collaboration table which can seat up to 20 people, and comes complete with integrated input/output ports for easy connectivity and optional extras including wireless phone charging



Does your conference room need bringing into the 21st century or do you simply need to make your existing technology more accessible to large groups of people? We believe every business is different so talk to us, tell us your technology challenges and we will help you to identify the best solutions.

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