In the modern business world, technology means that we have information and connectivity at our finger tips. Whether on a laptop, PC, or mobile  device, we can access files or documents, make voice and video calls and share information simply, quickly and intuitively.

But what happens when you get into a meeting room? Can you share your documents easily with your colleagues and save your vitally important meeting output? Can you connect to people who couldn’t make the meeting? Does your space encourage an exchange of ideas or do you spend more time trying to connect your technology than connecting with your colleagues? Were you able to find an available meeting room?

At TecInteractive we are always meeting businesses that tell us their meeting rooms and spaces are outdated or sometimes full of technology that does not get used. We are here to help and advise you on choosing the right blend of technologies that will help you in the way you work, your staff will find easy to use and above all will improve productivity.

We like to keep things simple and we hope you do too!

So let us take you through some of the solutions that will help you to create a meeting space that fuels innovation, fosters collaboration, and improves productivity.

  1. A large flat panel display is the easiest way to bring information from your desk to the meeting room. No more hovering around a laptop or printing countless hand-outs to share your ideas.
  1. Anyone can display their desktop or mobile device to the big screen at the touch of a button with a wireless presentation system like Clickshare or WePresent. No more fiddling with cables – just click and connect.
  1. A whiteboard may be the simplest way to capture ideas but a digital version like the SMART kapp also has the ability save and share your notes at the touch of a button.
  1. Upgrade to a solution where Whiteboard meets Display. The SMART kapp iQ provides 4K high resolution display for HD presentations with a digital whiteboard. Multiple participants can contribute to the notes on the whiteboard, wherever they are in the world, from their personal tablet, phone or laptop.
  1. Reduce time looking for meeting rooms and maximize use of the spaces you have with a simple-to-use room booking system which is fully integrated into your existing Outlook or Google apps calendar.
  1. Interactive touch screen displays like SMART, CTouch, or Vividtouch not only look incredible but they fuel collaboration by allowing multi-way connectivity and improve engagement by creating a more interactive experience.
  1. Use Skype for Business to video conference in your meeting rooms with a StarLeaf GTm 5250 or through the Microsoft Surface Hub interactive display.
  1. Turn any meeting room into a conferencing suite with a state of the art speaker phone like the Evoko Minto, that can be connected to any mobile device and taken to any room to deliver high quality voice and audio.
  1. Create a cloud-based video conferencing suite allowing you to connect and share ideas with colleagues and clients across the world without the complicated infrastructure of traditional video conferencing.
  1. Height adjustable tables like the TeamMate Workszone enable sit or stand meetings so you can choose to work in the way that suits you best.
  2. Tech-savvy tables with integrated displays, connection ports, USBs and even wireless charging can solve the connectivity challenges of your meetings. Check out the TopTec Synergy Range.
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Our Service to You

You may need to maximise the technology you have by choosing solutions that compliment your existing systems or enlist new technologies that will generate new ways of working and improve productivity.

We believe in technology that is simple, engaging and intuitive; that creates efficiencies rather than confusion, and that empowers people to reach their true potential, rather than slowing them down.

At TecInteractive we know that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to workplace technology. That is why we offer a complete consultancy service that will help you to identify the solutions that will best support your people and your business. If you would like to discuss your project with us then contact our friendly sales team.

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