As workplace design moves away from the traditional executive office layouts and more towards the open-plan, we are seeing an increasing variety of alternative work locations.

Huddle Tables can be used in open space and huddle areasHuddle spaces, standing desks, cafeterias, flexible furniture, sofas and breakout areas all give employees the choice to work in a space that best suits them or the task in hand but connectivity is paramount to making these solutions work. If you don’t have a charger for your device, a space that enables your technology or somewhere to write the ideas that emerge from mixing with people away from your desk, your productivity will be impacted.

So if you are looking to create a more flexible working environment that supports different working activities, here are some of our ideas to create a technology enabled workspace:


  1. For open areas where wall space is at a premium, a huddle table with adjoining screen mast provides access to a main display to support collaborative working


  1. Adjustable height tables give you the option for sit or stand meetings, providing improved well being and choice for users


  1. A WorksZone table with integrated technology hub provides a variety of input-output connections so you can connect to the latest technical solution with no messy wires


  1. Tables with wireless phone charging eliminate the need for finding chargers and available plug sockets


  1. Flexible, folding collaboration tables are ideal where space is limited or you need to move furniture around


  1. Interactive displays on mobile trolleys are ideal for moving around your open space, or go for a CTouch Leddura with ‘lift and flip’ mechanism to turn your interactive display into an interactive table!


  1. Writable walls are perfect for capturing ideas on-the-go so a digital whiteboard is the perfect solution to not only capture but also save and email your work


  1. Upgrade your digital whiteboard to a 4K display like the SMART kapp iQ creating a great presentation tool


  1. Connect to your colleagues’ devices or share your screen without fiddly wires with a Clickshare CS100 wireless presentation system. A one-touch button allows you to share quickly and collaborate on the same content




Open spaces in the workplace are perfect for collaborating with colleagues, so having technology that enables you to maximise those encounters is essential. Creating dedicated zones, huddle spaces and breakout points allows you to take the disruption and noise of away from the working desks of the open plan and create activity-based working spaces where collaboration can flourish.


At TecInteractive we believe in the power of collaboration and know that when you find the right solutions, technology can greatly enable that.  Tell us the challenges you are facing in your workplace and let us help you to find the solutions.

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