A space designed for learning should be inspirational and engaging. But so often the company training room is resigned to a dreary basement space with the redundant seating and out-dated technology from the main floors.

A Training Room needs to be a space that will inspire and engage your peopleIn a business world where people are often seen as the differentiating factor for competitive advantage, the need to continually upskill, motivate and enthuse people is greater than ever, and space that facilitates that is becoming essential for modern companies.

In this guide we have highlighted some of our favourite gadgets to transform any dull training room into a stimulating environment that encourages learning and drives innovative thinking.


  1. No Training Room is complete without the obligatory flipchart, but there will be no running out of paper or pen ink with a digital SMART kapp. It has the same walk-up and write functionality but also the ability to easily save and share your musings.
  2. Combine a digital flipchart with a high-resolution display for the perfect training tool that allows you to show images or presentations, whilst annotating over with digital ink. Allow remote participants to share and save the screen so people can still learn even if they are not in the room.
  3. Turn any wall into an expansive 40 foot digital canvas with a Nureva Span projector and software system. Use digital sticky notes and flipcharts or import images and graphs to share ideas and learning and to create a totally immersive learning experience.
  4. Facilitate the ultimate interactive learning experience with an interactive display. Invite delegates to be a part of a session that they can literally reach out and touch, creating a completely engaging experience.
  5. Sharing your learning is a key part of the learning cycle and with technology like Clickshare or Kramer, any delegate can share their screen with the rest of the group at the touch of a button.
  6. Delegates can bring their own device but can still contribute their ideas and notes to the main discussion. Technology like SMART meeting pro for SMART or OneNote with the Microsoft Surface Hub, allows people to view the main display through their personal device and even make notes that can be seen back on the main display.
  7. Alleviate the drama of someone ‘stealing’ your training space with a fully integrated meeting room booking system like Room Sync or Evoko Liso. The system stores and displays up to date booking information so everyone is clear what rooms are booked and when.
  8. Easily report faulty or missing equipment in your training room with the additional features of the Room Sync.
  9. Get the right furniture into your space. A huddle table like the WorksZone collaboration table or the TopTec Synergy range gives you easy connectivity for your personal devices and also has sit-stand variations to accommodate different learning settings.



A Training Room needs to be a space that will inspire and engage your people, but what that looks like will vary from company to company. The types of tools and technology that will best suit your business and help your people to learn will vary depending on what type of training you do and who is involved. With so many solutions, it can be hard to identify what is right for you. That is why we offer a full consultation service, to understand the needs of your business and then assess what technology will best enhance your training facility. Give us a call today, and we can start to take you on that journey.

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