Interactive Whiteboards and Displays

Interactive Whiteboards & Displays

Interactive whiteboards (SMART Boards) and more recently interactive displays have become an essential tool for modern meeting rooms, training rooms, presentation suites and classrooms. Connected to a computer, they are very intuitive,  large format touch screens, which bring information to your fingertips. Traditional interactive whiteboards that use a short throw projector have been superseded by interactive displays, which use an LED back lit display (like a TV) to give much higher resolution and image quality.

Interactive displays have become very versatile meeting room tools, as manufacturers have added in more functionality such as inbuilt digital whiteboard apps, web browsers, PDF viewers, PowerPoint viewers and also wireless presentation from any device – gone are the days trying to find cables to connect your laptop to the meeting room display!

Combined with conferencing software the display gives you a powerful tool to communicate with other offices, suppliers and customers. Use video conferencing whilst working on documents and plans together in a fully interactive, virtual meeting.

We are an independent provider (i.e not tied to any vendor/brand) which means we can offer impartial advice and through our experience in the industry, can recommend the best technology for our customers. Through our strong relationships with suppliers and the industry, we are able to offer the very best pricing along with a service that our customers love.


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Why Buy From Us?

Because we live and breath the technology we provide, we have first-hand experience of using it in everyday work-life. That means we truly understand how people use the technology we provide and the benefits it can bring to your business. Think of us as your eyes and ears in the very fast moving world of technology – it never stops changing!

First and foremost it is essential that the right solution is selected to suit your business needs. This is why we take the time to understand how your business works and what you are looking to achieve, before making the appropriate recommendations. That is why we stand ahead of our ‘click-to-buy’ competitors.

As a dedicated team, we are committed to making sure our clients get the Return on Investment they were expecting. This is done through us providing the right support and training to make a technology implementation a success for our customers – this is something we are very passionate about.


We invested in an interactive board from TecInteractive.
It’s fantastic. Staff are impressed, clients are impressed.
Linked to webmeetings and screen sharing it is an impressive tool.
The support and service we have got from TecInteractive has been outstanding.

Praise indeed from someone who doesn’t give much out!”

James Dodds, Managing DirectorEnvireau Ltd

Interactive Display in Use

Choose from a wide range of Interactive Whiteboards & Displays

Our Interactive Whiteboards and Displays give you the power to interact with everyday applications on your computer, all via a large format multi-touch display.

SMART Kapp iQ + Pro Interactive Display

SMART Kapp iQ  is a powerful interactive meeting room display, with unique touch features, an integrated digital whiteboard and Meeting Pro collaboration software.

clever touch pro

Clevertouch Pro

Clevertouch Pro is a great multi-purpose meeting room touch display. It’s an Ultra-HD presentation display, packed full of features and includes wireless presentation from any device.

smart board with projector

SMART Board with Projector

Traditional Interactive Whiteboards combine with an ultra-short throw projector and speakers to give a powerful presentation tool. Sizes up to 87″ diagonal.

smart kapp


SMART Kapp allows you to write, draw and capture ideas using dry erase markers whilst enabling you to instantly save your notes, convert to PDF and send to others instantly, all via your smart phone.

microsoft surface hub

Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is an all in one interactive system, which comes fully equipped with Microsoft applications including Office, Skype for Business and OneNote, as well as cameras, microphones and speakers.

SMART 8084i Interactive Display

SMART 8084i is suitable for mid to large meeting spaces and supports resolutions up to 4K / Ultra HD. The 84″ screen size gives you an impressive interactive presentation tool that is guaranteed to impress your clients.


Avocor VTF Interactive Screen

With 4K Ultra-HD resolution and an exceptional touch experience, the range of Avocor interactive flat panel displays offer superb quality, reliability and value for money. Avocor runs a Windows 10 operating system allowing you to access, manage and create content, browse the internet and use thousands of apps from the Windows 10 store.

ctouch laser air

CTOUCH Laser Air +

The CTouch Laser Air + is a leading range of interactive flat panels from 55″ to 84″. Featuring 32 point touch, JBL soundbar and an almost magic uWand, they represent great quality at an affordable price. The integrated Android OS means you can walk up the screen and open apps downloaded onto the internal memory.


Smart Room System for Skype

The Smart Room System for Skype is a more effective way to collaborate using Microsoft Skype for Business (formally Lync). Take the familiar Skype for Business experience you have at your desk, into the meeting room. Available in a range of sizes and either single or twin screen.

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