download-specSMART Board Interactive Whiteboards (using a projector) are available in a range of models and sizes:

  • SBM680 77″ with Hitachi Ultra-Short Throw Projector from £1,615
  • SBM685 87″ (Widescreen 16:10) with Hitachi Ultra-Short Throw Projector from £1,815
  • SBX880 77″ with Hitachi Ultra-Short Throw Projector from £1,805
  • SBX885 87″ (Widescreen 16:10) with Hitachi Ultra-Short Throw Projector from £2,040
  • All Prices Exclude delivery, installation & VAT

SMART Board interactive WhiteboardAll SMART Interactive Whiteboards (SMART Board) are combined with a laptop/PC to create a fully interactive system. Users can display their computer on the whiteboard surface via the projector and then interact with it via touch.

Presentations and training sessions become more engaging and you can even pick up the pens to write on the SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard and any content that you are displaying.

SMART systems and software are intuitive and easy to use, which means you can get the most from the technology, without having to remember how to use it – if you can use a computer you can use a SMART Board!

Why Buy From Us?

At TecInteractive we can help you decide which system is the best fit for your room and budget. Projectors can be from any manufacturer, such as the Epson or Hitachi Ultra-Short Throw unit. We recommend Ultra-Short Throw projectors as this reduces shadowing on the board, making it easier to use.

Combined with a speaker system, this becomes a great value  classroom interactive display that can be used for most applications. We provide the full service to include supply, installation, training, maintenance and support, so you can be sure that we are able to provide on-going support.

If you’d like to explore your options, why not contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales team below. We are here to help!

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