SMART KappSMART Kapp 42 Digital Whiteboard

SMART kapp allows you to write, draw and capture ideas using dry erase markers — just like the old-fashioned dry-erase board — while enabling you to instantly save your work images, convert them to PDFs, and send to anyone, anywhere, instantly, all via your smart phone.

Switch it on, wirelessly connect your device to SMART kapp (via Bluetooth) and you are ready to go. Installing kapp is as easy as hanging a dry erase board and the only wiring needed is to plug it in to any standard power outlet. There is no need for any IT integration.

SMART kapp creates a brand new category that is set to open up incredible possibilities for the millions of people who regularly share information on a dry erase board. This unique and innovative new product that will empower people to capture information and share moments of inspiration, easily and intuitively, sharing it on any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

At the start of the meeting simply scan the QR code (iOS users) or use the inbuilt NFC tag (Android users) to start the session. Notes are written with a normal dry erase marker but are magically captured on the device in real time. As soon as you run out of space on the board all you need to do is snapshot the page within the app, erase the board and continue on.

Saving and sharing notes has never been easier!

Invite Others to Join from Anywhere

Colleagues that are not in the room can also join the meeting to view the whiteboard in real time, securely,  all from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Simply email them a link to the meeting from the kapp app and they can join in a matter of seconds from any device!

Why we Like it:

SMART Kapp is the flipchart for the 21st Century. It is simple and intuitive, allowing users to take their notes with them on their smartphone. It is very affordable and can be either wall mounted or on a mobile stand – the perfect addition to any meeting space!


  • Kapp 42″ £399

Product Features

  • Use with standard dry-erase markers, just like a flipchart
  • Available in 42″ portrait
  • Sync to your smartphone via the QR code
  • Save and share notes via the free Kapp app
  • Invite others to join the live session on any web browser
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Wall mounted or mobile

If you would like any more information, or to place an order, then speak to our friendly, knowledgeable sales team.

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