Interactive Whiteboards and Displays for Education

Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and displays provide teachers with a tool that can benefit the whole class, small groups or individual learning.

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Independent impartial advice

As an independent provider, we offer impartial advice to recommend the best solution for you

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Supply, installation, training, maintenance and tech-support all under one roof.

Business and Education

We supply Businesses and the Education sectors, including Schools, Colleges & Universities

Why Choose TecInteractive?

As an independent supplier, we can offer impartial advice across a wide range of products and manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to replace, upgrade or extend your interactive learning tools, we can help you to gain a clearer idea of what products will most suit your establishment’s teaching styles, learning styles and budget.

Our turnkey approach means we can look after every aspect of your purchase. This includes supply, installation, training, maintenance and tech-support. Because we provide all of these services using our in-house teams, we can give a consistently high level of service, which means happy customers!

Why Interactive Whiteboards?

Interactive Whiteboards allow teachers to present and deliver planned or unplanned learning but also allow students to interact, collaborate and share their own learning experiences.

Whatever the learning objectives for the day, an interactive whiteboard or display can help to bring those lessons to life!

Which system is right for you?

We can help you decide which system is the best fit for your room and budget. We have a wide range of interactive flat panel displays available as well as the more traditional interactive whiteboards using an Ultra-Short Throw projector.

We recommend using Ultra-Short Throw projectors as this reduces shadowing cast onto the board, creating a neat all-in-one solution that is easy to use.

We provide the full Service

We provide the full service to include supply, installation, training, maintenance and support, so you can be sure that we are able to provide on-going support.

Take a look at some of our products below – it’s not a complete list so if there’s something you’re looking for that you can’t see, do give us a call as we supply most of the major brands on the market .


Whiteboards and Educational Software from SMART

smartboard 2000

SMART 2000 Series

From £1,410

A 4K Ultra HD non-touch display with wireless screen sharing. A great entry-level classroom tool at a price most can afford.

Why we like it:
This high quality screen provides a clear and engaging learning experience for students in a more affordable solution than a traditional touch-screen.

SMART 6000 Series

From £2,390

All-in-one interactive touch screen whiteboard with integrated computer for active student participation.

Why we like it:
SMART’s most popular board now includes the famous iQ technology that millions already love, providing a brilliant and engaging learning tool.

SMART 7000 Series

From £4,135

SMART’s most advanced board offering exclusive iQ technology with an unparalleled HyPr touch experience.

Why we like it:
This is the pinnacle of SMART Board experience, offering an unrivalled opportunity for engaging and participative learning.

SMART Board & Projector

The original SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard with a traditional short-throw projector and optional speakers.

Why we like it:
Suitable for lower budgets, the SMART Board and projector is a powerful teaching and learning tool used in classrooms around the world.

More Interactive Whiteboards and Displays

We provide the full service to include supply, installation, training, maintenance and support, so you can be sure that we are able to provide on-going support.

Sharp – Big Pad

From £1,800

An intuitive and cost effective Interactive Display solution from a brand name that you know and trust.

Why We Like It:
With a great intuitive user experience, high quality imagery and a competitive price point, the Sharp Big Pad offers an engaging interactive experience from a brand name we’re all familiar with.

Iiyama – Prolite series

From £1,300

An affordable range of interactive touchscreens with integrated annotation software and USB playback.

Why We Like It:
This affordable touchscreen allows teachers and students to reap the benefits of an interactive touchscreen at a price you can afford. Inbuilt Android means you can use the Prolite without needing to plug a laptop in.

Clevertouch – Plus Series

From £2,010

Clevertouch Plus Series is the market leading touchscreen in the UK education market. 42″ to 84″ available.

Why We Like It:
Experience the high quality touch, display and interactivity of Clevertouch in a range that is designed specifically for the classroom. Use the included software and apps to really bring your lessons to life!

C touch Laser Air +

CTouch – Laser Air +

From £1,700

A leading range of interactive flat panels available with extended features at an affordable price.

Why We Like It:
When upgrading classrooms, the CTouch Laser Air + is certainly one to look at, representing great quality at an affordable price. C Touch are the only vendor in the market to offer a 7 year onsite warranty.

Promethean – ActivPanel range

From £2,390

Promethean ActivPanel is the next generation Full HD/ 4K interactive flat panel with ActivInspire software.

Why We Like It:
The Promethean ActivPanel provides a great quality touch-experience with award winning software. It’s easy to update and repair which makes it a good cost-effective interactive display for the medium to long term.

School Hall

What’s next?
The options are extensive, so contact our friendly sales team today to arrange a 
no obligation consultation.

School Hall Projector & Audio

If you’re looking to upgrade your school hall projector and/or audio system we have got some great ideas for solutions that can help you to engage with your audience. Whether you need a simple small projection screen or a large display wall with accompanying sound system, our experts will take take the time to understand your requirements, and help you to spec it out.

You could get a projector which can connect with an iPad to roam around the hall, projecting live images or plug in a DVD or other source to project onto the screen – great for sharing presentations, videos or other learning but could also be used to project scenery for a school play.

Trouble hearing? Try ceiling mounted speakers and either fixed or handheld wireless microphones. We  supply , install and maintain bespoke school hall AV systems, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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