Meeting Room / Conference Room Audio

We offer a range of audio systems and conference phones to suit any room size and budget.

HDL-300 450x300

Nureva HDL-300 Conference Speaker Phone

Nureva’s new groundbreaking HDL-300 is a conference speaker phone with a difference. Micro Mist technology brings stunning clarity to any conference call using over 8000 virtual microphones across your meeting space.


Evoko Minto Conference Speaker Phone

The Evoko Minto is a new type of conference or speaker phone that is transforming the conference speaker phone market with its exceptional quality sound, easy to use functionality and sleek looks.


Konftel Conference Phone

Konftel are a leading brand of conference phone for any kind of conferencing situation. Whether it is for a small room or a large boardroom table, there is a model in the range to suit your needs.

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