Huddle chairs, sofas and other huddle furniture are the perfect solution for modern workplaces that want to provide a choice of work settings for their staff, away from the open plan seating areas. Huddle furniture comes in all shapes and sizes – from single seater ‘retreat pods’ that provide a quieter solace for independent working, through to multi-seated and modular huddle sofas or ‘pods’ to facilitate group working.

Huddle furniture solutions can be created with or without an integrated desk. You can also choose whether to have your huddle furniture fitted with relevant technology, including display screens, power sockets or internet connections, to support the way people in your business work.

Huddle furniture often has a fabric finish to help absorb sound and improve acoustics, so can be situated within an open plan setting, whilst still providing a level of discretion and reducing distraction to others.  Choose from a choice of colours to fit with your company branding and to compliment your office design.

Bespoke Huddle Space

Why we Like it:

Huddle spaces are growing in popularity as workplaces strive to find the perfect balance between the more collaborative open plan offices and less distracting but more isolating private offices. Huddle furniture offers a space-savvy alternative, where colleagues can touch-down for impromptu meetings or ‘huddles’ or escape for some quiet time. And providing a choice of work settings for staff has been found to increase productivity, improve wellbeing and boost staff morale – what’s not to like?!

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