The Nureva Span system is a cloud based digital canvas and projector that brings ideation and collaboration into a new dimension.

Across the world, teams know the value of working from a visual canvas; having a shared space or a wall where people can write flipchart notes, add sticky notes, or stick images or graphs, is common practice for teams wishing to share, create and innovate.

The Nureva Span system takes this proven process into the digital age. The panoramic projector creates up to 40’ of  virtual canvas from either a 10’ or 20’ display, transforming any space into a digital backdrop for your collaboration sessions.


Write notes with your finger or digital pen, add digital sticky notes or flipcharts, import pictures or documents from your mobile device, and intuitively manipulate your working canvas, just as you would in a traditional collaboration session. Allow multiple people to interact with the canvas – including remote colleagues who can contribute either in real-time or return to the ideas later.

The Nureva Span comprises of the following hardware:

  • 16:6 Panoramic Projector and wall mount for 10’ display (2 projectors required for 20’ display)
  • Touch module and image-alignment* module
  • Pens and remote
  • Optional WhisperTek™ surface

The Nureva Span system cloud-based software provides the following features:

  • Access canvas through Chrome or Safari browser or through iOS or android apps
  • Enter text into a digital sticky note. Move, duplicate, delete and change color.
  • Create a virtual blank page for quick inking. Move, duplicate, delete, sketch in three colors, and erase.
  • Import images in any standard format at any resolution from your app or browser. Move and resize directly on the canvas.
  • Use your finger or a pen to write or sketch over images directly on the wall. Edit annotations as needed.
  • Insert a digital flip chart directly from the wall. Add multiple pages, write in three colors, move and erase.
  • Create a group to organize content. Drag notes, sketches, images and even other groups in and out, or resize the borders to group nearby content.
  • From the wall, press and hold on the canvas to activate a tool menu that enables you to create notes, sketches, groups and flip charts. Multiple users can simultaneously access their own set of tools anywhere on the wall.
  • Scroll horizontally across all 40′ of your digital canvas.
  • Use a flicking motion on the wall to shoot a note, sketch or image across the canvas or bounce it off the top or bottom edges. Swipe to pan the  canvas.
  • Choose from a selection of grids and outlines that provide a subtle guide to the placement of your artifacts.
  • Export the canvas as a PDF or an Excel®

*provided with multiple projector configuration


Nureva Span Hardware In Use


Why we like it:

The Nureva Span takes the proven process of creating a visual idea wall, and brings it into the digital age. No longer reliant on taking photo’s of your paper-based collaboration sessions, the Nureva saves your ideas as you go along, providing a canvas that can interact easily with content from your mobile device – whether you are working in the same room or in another country. The sheer amount of space available with the projected image (10, 20 or 30ft wide!) makes it like no other interactive system on the market.

If you would like to discuss the Nureva Span system or arrange a demonstration, then please contact our friendly sales team.

Download the Product Factsheet Here: Nureva_Span_hardware_product_sheet

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