Logitech Group Kit

The Logitech Group Kit Conferencecam family provide five different options to suit different sizes of meetings and types of spaces.  Turn any space into a video conferencing facility with crystal clear audio and razor-sharp video. Plug and play simplicity, full duplex omni-directional speakers and wide field of view mean that everyone will be seen and heard at your next video conference.

Logitech Group

The Logitech Group provides video conferencing for medium to large size meeting spaces.

Complete with pan-tilt-zoom camera, microphone, speakers and control module, 8 to 20 people can have a business-quality meeting using your video conferencing app of choice by simply connecting to a laptop via USB.

Extension mics are available to extend the audio range for larger rooms.

Logitech Group

Logitech Connect

The Logitech Connect is optimised for huddle spaces or anywhere you want to hold your next video conference call. Ideal for between 1 and 6 people, the Connect is a fully integrated solution which is completely mobile so you can simple plug and play wherever you are.

With a very affordable price point, the Connect can be used to turn multiple meeting rooms into a video conferencing facility.


Logitech PTZ Pro Camera

The Logitech PTZ Pro Camera is a premium HD video camera with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functionality that is ideal for large conference spaces.

Certified to integrate with most conferencing software to provide a high-quality, professional solution, with the same plug-and-play simplicity of its’ sister products.

Logitech PTZ Pro

Logitech BCC950

The Logitech BCC950  is an ideal desk-based conference calling system that could also be used for small meeting rooms for upto four people.

This all-in-one solution offers exceptional quality video conferencing with pan, tilt, zoom camera, and high quality sound at up-to eight feet away. Its simple plug-and-play functionality is compatible with your familiar video conferencing software.

Logitech BCC950 video conferencing from home

Logitech Group Kit with Intel NUC

The Group Kit with Intel NUC is the complete solution from Logitech and Intel that makes video conferencing effortless. With HD video and duplex sound-system, you are guaranteed high-quality video conferencing for medium to large meeting spaces.

But combined with the high-performance Intel NUC with Intel wireless screen sharing, you have the versatility of a powerful computer to maximise your collaboration experience.

Logitech Group kit

Why we like it:

The Logitech range represents excellent value for money. One of the world’s largest hardware manufacturers has created a very versatile range of solutions suitable for most meeting spaces and budgets. A great option for those businesses that use Skype for cost effective conferencing – Logitech is a brand you can trust.

If you’d like more information or to discuss any of the Logitech Products, then contact our friendly sales team below.


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