Logitech Meet-Up

The Logitech Meet-Up is a premier conference camera, microphone and speakers, designed for huddle and smaller meeting spaces. With a 120 degree super-wide field of view camera, Meet-Up ensures every seat at the table is clearly visible. With 3 in-built microphones and a custom-tuned speaker, you can be sure that every voice in the room can be heard too.

Logitech have specifically designed the Meet-Up to be used in huddle spaces, so audio and video are optimized, meaning a high quality conference call can be had each and every time.

Approved for use with Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom and many more so you can use the apps you are already familiar with.

meetup-conference-cam- with- Accessories

Logitech MeetUp:

  • Plug and play device – connect in easily via USB to your laptop
  • Optimized audio for smaller meeting spaces – ensuring everyone can be heard
  • Expansion microphones available – extend the audio range up to 4.2m
  • Bracket available to install underneath your main display – minimising clutter and cables
  • Use the free app to turn your smartphone into a remote control for MeetUp (iOS and Android)
  • £749 + vat and shipping.

If you would like to find out more about huddle spaces than read our blog: “Create the Ultimate Huddle Room – Our Top 7 Tips

Why we like it:

Meet-up is a real game changer in the smaller huddle space. Logitech have specifically designed it for use in spaces that are more informal, with around 6 people or less. The wide angle camera is an essential feature when you think about how close you can be sat to the main screen – a normal 90 degree camera just doesn’t do the job in a lot of cases. The price point is very attractive too so it’s well within the budget for most businesses and it can be used with video apps that are already in use.

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