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The Starleaf PT Mini 3020 video conferencing range represents a new era of high quality, affordable, accessible, cloud-based video conferencing solutions.

The StarLeaf PT Mini 3020 transforms any desktop computer into a secure, HD quality video collaboration solution, with unlimited guest invitations allowing you to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The PT Mini 3020 is a complete solution providing a small form factor desktop video hardware device, Starleaf touchscreen controller and USB camera which can also connect to your monitor for screen sharing to allow real-time collaboration. Set up is easy, with auto-installation as standard so you can simply ‘plug and play’ and its intuitive interface means anyone can use with no training needed. Once installed you can invite unlimited guests on any device to communicate and collaborate with you.

Purchasing a Starleaf video conferencing solution like the PT Mini 3020, provides businesss-wide access to Starleaf Breeze software which allows all employees to communicate via the Starleaf video and voice communication system from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

The StarLeaf PT Mini 3020:Starleaf PT Mini 3020

  • Transforms existing desktop into a video collaboration tool
  • Complete solution which includes small form factor video hardware device and:
  • StarLeaf touchscreen controller
  • USB Camera
  • High-Definition video and audio
  • Simple installation with USB connections
  • Works with any 1080p desktop monitor or screen
  • Connects to PC for desktop sharing
  • Hold instant, multi-party meetings
  • Meet anyone with Guest Invite
  • Video messaging
  • Seamless interoperability with existing voice and video installations including Cisco, Skype for Business/ Lync, Polycom, Lifesize or phones
  • Secure connection with end to end encryption at all times
  • Auto upgrade so you’re always on the best version

Cloud video endpoints are managed from the StarLeaf Cloud, and in all cases require a Connection License


Why we like it:

The StarLeaf PT Mini 3020 is the perfect solution to transform a desktop computer into the ultimate collaboration tool. Like other products in the StarLeaf range, this high quality, cost-effective, cloud-based solution will ultimately improve communication, productivity and decision making in your business. HD quality video communication between colleagues and with clients reduces the cost and time spent travelling to meetings, therefore making return on investment easy to measure and quick to recover. With no need to purchase expensive infrastructure equipment and an intuitive, easy to use set-up and operation, anyone can use this system without training or high-tech support.

In addition, StarLeaf Breeze software provides everyone in the business with video conferencing facilities from their laptop or device, improving communication and collaboration across the entire business.


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