We offer a range of video wall options including LCD and LED panels, backed up by our full service including demonstrations, proof of concept, design, installation, maintenance and tech support.

If you are looking for a large format wall for a reception area, boardroom, open area, auditorium, or anywhere else then we can help.
TecInteractive supply Absen LED panels, which can be built together to form a wall of any size. Pixel pitch options are 1.9mm, 2mm or 3mm (as a rule of thumb the recommended minimum viewing distance for the audience in metres is pixel pitch x 1000). Absen LED panels can also be built at right angles to build a 90 degree wall.

For smaller spaces it is worth considering LCD panels (e.g Samsung or LG  46″/55″) built into a wall. For example a 3 x 3 wall would give a diagonal screen size of 138″ to 165″. These can be wall mounted or installed on a floor standing frame.

LG Video Wall 500w

LED Video Wall Offers:

  • High Brightness
  • Flexible in Size – easily create a very large wall
  • Seamless viewing experience – no bezel like an LCD panel
  • Low Maintenance and designed for 24/7 usage
  • Silent – LED is fanless so no noise created

LCD Video Wall Offers:

  • High Resolution (1080p) per panel
  • Ideal for smaller spaces (e.g 2m wide wall)
  • Cost Effective Option
  • Larger range of manufacturers
  • Shorter install time for events

If you would like to hire an LED wall for an event, please visit our LED Wall Rental Page.  We provide a fully managed rental service, including set-up, PA system, staging, lecturn, laptop and onsite assistance throughout your event.

For more information, or if you would like to discuss a video wall project , please contact our friendly sales team.

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