WePresent WiPG2000

WePresent WiPG2000


The WePresent range is packed full of features to allow you to wirelessly share content with the main meeting room display. With so many options now available for cabled connections from laptops and other devices, WePresent takes away the hassle of finding the right cable and saves valuable time in meeting room environments.

All units are cross platform, so you can connect Windows, Macbooks, iOS and Android all wirelessly and view images in Full HD resolution on the main screen.

Up to 4 devices can be displayed at the same time (up to 64 can be connected) and all units include a USB token , so guests can easily connect without installing software on their laptops.



Models Available: WiPG1000, WiPG1600, WiPG2000

For a PDF showing the differences between models click here.


How does WePresent Connect?

Connect to any display or projector via HDMI or VGA. It displays the image from the laptop in 1080p Full HD resolution wirelessly. The connection between your laptop and the We-Present is via your local area network (LAN). Any device on the LAN can connect to it to present (usually via Wifi), with a full internet connection available to connected participants.


WePresent Sharepod:

The Sharepod can be used in addition to the WiPG2000 to give you an even easier way to connect visitors to the main screen. Simply plug in the Sharepod via HDMI to the laptop and press the button to instantly share to the main screen.

WePresent Sharepod

Why we like it:

The WePresent range is packed full of features and overall gives great value for money. It is a fantastic addition to meeting rooms and does away with the need for fiddly cable connections. So much time is wasted at the start of a meeting setting up displays, connecting cables etc and WePresent easily pays for itself quickly in time saved.


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