For those of you still struggling to make your first million, do you ever wonder where you have been going wrong? Are you in the wrong career? Did you get the wrong education? Have you ever considered that it might not be what you do but how you do it? Well we think that multi-billionaire, businessman extraordinaire and generally all round Mr-nice-guy, Sir Richard Branson, might have the answer:

Why Stand-Up Meetings?

Whilst people have been talking about the benefits of stand-up meetings for a couple of years now, there is no higher-profile proponent of the practice than the entrepreneurial guru himself. On his website Sir Richard explains, “I find it to be a much quicker way of getting down to business, making a decision and sealing the deal.”  So what is it about stand-up meetings that have made it a mainstay for one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs with a reputation for doing things differently? In our quest to uncover Sir Richard’s secret, we are going to break down the reasons why stand-up meetings could in fact, make us all millionaires…









stand-up meetings could make you a millionaire

1. Live Longer

So it turns out, that sitting is actually killing us – yup. They reckon that “sitting is the new smoking” as studies have shown that sitting for long periods makes us more susceptible to various cancers, heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc etc… it’s all pretty grim reading! But most office workers don’t have the luxury of state-of-the-art, sit-stand desks to work from so a stand-up meeting provides the perfect opportunity to get-up, get-on-up (in the words of fellow millionaire James Brown). A stand-up meeting can even help you burn 50% more calories than sitting down, so ditch the Atkins, get healthier, live longer, and have more energy and time to make that first million!

2. Be More Creative

Ask any millionaire; you’re not going to earn a million pounds by doing the same thing everyone else is doing. And did you know that stand-up meetings have been found to make us more creative? There’s something about the energy and the buzz of a stand up meeting that gets people thinking differently, or sometimes just thinking, rather than snoozing quietly in the corner whilst others struggle to fill in the gaps. If you use the right technology to help capture that creative thinking it can also improve your output. We like the cloud-based ideation system Nureva Span, which is a digital canvas that gets everyone standing up, engaging in ideas and working together to boost creative thinking.

3. Boost Productivity

How often do we complain that we are up against it or that we just don’t have enough time? It’s shocking, but you can easily believe that the average office-Joe spends 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings!

Our stand-up meeting guru, Richard Branson, suggests that we should only be spending 5 to 10 minutes discussing each agenda point in a meeting so standing up is a really good way to keep everyone quite literally on their toes. Those who have switched to stand-up meetings have suggested that meeting times have been reduced by as much as 25%! Now that’s 25% more time to invest in making that first million!

More and more businesses are integrating stand-up meeting spaces into their open plan offices, to capitalise on the more productive nature of stand-up meetings. You could create huddle spaces or simply have a wall-mounted TV screen or interactive display so people can quickly gather round for a presentation or a brainstorming session. The process of just getting up and getting everyone together can really boost productivity levels, versus marching everyone in and out of meeting rooms when all you need is a quick ‘huddle’.

stand up meeting with screen

4. Have a Captive Audience

Is it any wonder that meetings are so unproductive when the participants are distracted or not engaged? And let’s face it; we’ve all had meetings where we’d rather be somewhere else. One study found that 91% of us are guilty of daydreaming in a meeting and an incredible 37% of people have actually fallen asleep in one! The point is, how can any of us realise our true potential, if the people we need to interact with to make that happen are disengaged? Getting your co-workers, clients and associates to stand up and be active participants of the meeting is a great way to get the best out of everyone and increase your chances of success. Using intuitive, reach-out and touch technology to capture and share ideas is a great way to boost that engagement. Consider using either a trolley-mounted or wall-mounted interactive display, which can work as a digital whiteboard for capturing ideas or as a presentation system to keep people engaged.

SMART Board stand up meeting aec

5. It’s not all or nothing

We’re not saying that all meetings should be stand-ups. There are of course times when you need to be seated or have a desk. You could try investing in a sit-stand table where you can adjust the table height to suit the type of meeting you are having.


At TecInteractive, we can’t guarantee that our tips will make you a millionaire, but we can help you to have more incredible meetings. Technology, furniture and techniques are a big part of that. If you are looking for further advice on how to run better meetings, get in touch with us at TecInteractive and see how we can help…

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