Take a closer look at how Teamline by StarLeaf is revolutionising collaboration for Skype for Business users:

You know how sometimes, you see something new, and you think – why hasn’t somebody done this before? It’s brilliant! Well that’s how I felt when I was first introduced to Teamline by StarLeaf.

Teamline by StarLeaf (formerly the Starleaf GTm product line) is now the go-to tool for anyone wanting to use Skype for Business in a meeting room or conferencing setting. And that’s a lot of people! Microsoft estimate that 55% of businesses currently use Skype for Business.  And there are over 135 million active users! It’s not surprising really. Organisations love Skype for Business because it keeps their people connected with voice and video calling. But it also boosts productivity and collaboration with cool features like screen sharing, meeting scheduling and instant messaging. The interface is simple and intuitive, available through desktop and mobile. It just works… Or at least until you get into a meeting room!

The Problem with Skype for Business

The problem that many Skype for Business customers face is that they are only able to use this platform when at their desktop. They can’t connect with colleagues once they are in a meeting room or conferencing setting. With millions of conference rooms around the world set up with legacy video systems like Cisco or Polycom, this poses a real problem if you want to continue using your Skype For Business functionality in a meeting room. But this is where Teamline by StarLeaf can help…

Teamline starleaf meeting room av

How does Teamline work with Skype For Business?

Teamline is designed specifically for Skype for Business (S4B). It is a simple meeting room and management solution that allows S4B users to have the same experience in a meeting room as they do on their desktop. The room system registers directly to your S4B server and requires no additional infrastructure to work. In the video above, the Vice President of Media Services in a global investment bank describes how they rolled out S4B to 50,000 staff to enhance collaboration. The problem was that they couldn’t speak to their video conferencing rooms. By replacing their existing meeting room Cisco codex with Teamline by StarLeaf, they created a fully integrated solution.  And staff can use it intuitively without any additional training. Take a look at the video above to find out more.

What is Maestro by Teamline

Maestro is the Teamline management platform that allows administrators to manage and control their Teamline meeting room systems centrally:  From anywhere in the world! It allows you to pull out information about how the rooms are used, get alerts about potential problems and provide remote support. This allows the systems to be used most efficiently, reduces downtime and keeps the cost of ownership down.

Teamline for Huddle Spaces and Large Meeting Rooms

Teamline offers two different solutions depending on the size of your meeting space. The Teamline 5140 is an award-winning solution designed for small to medium sized meeting rooms. It comes complete with wired and wireless content sharing, touch screen controller, USB camera and microphone. The Teamline 5250 AV integrator and board room solution is perfect for larger meetings spaces. In addition to wired and wireless content sharing and touch screen controller and microphone, it has a high-end pan, tilt and zoom camera. It also has options for additional cameras, screens and microphones. Both solutions deliver exceptional audio and video and seamless integration with Skype for Business and/or Office 365. And there’s no need for additional infrastructure.

Over the last few years we have recommended and installed many StarLeaf systems to our customers. They love how easy it is to use: The fact they can rely on the system to make great quality calls. And that they can use it to video call anyone – even if they are on a different video conferencing system or don’t have video conferencing themselves. All they need is a laptop with a camera and an internet connection! It’s also affordable which means that secure and reliable video conferencing is no longer reserved only for Big Business.  Now, with Teamline by StarLeaf, Skype for Business users can also enjoy these benefits in their meeting rooms.  It’s the best of both worlds. Now that’s what I call collaborative thinking!

If you want to see how StarLeaf works or get a quotation for installing Teamline in your meeting rooms, contact us for a free demo or consultation.

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