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Tips & Technology for Easier Meeting Room Management

If you’re managing multiple meeting rooms, our tips can save you and your users time and headaches:

In any business or organisation with multiple meeting rooms, there is a considerable workload involved in maintaining and managing those meeting rooms. In many businesses these rooms are in use from 9 to 5 (and beyond!) which means they need to be fully functioning all the time. The technology within them needs to be simple to use, and it needs to ‘just work’ – without the need to call IT or facilities every time a meeting is due to start. There needs to be a simple process for rectifying problems and a means to address them quickly and efficiently. Standardising meeting rooms is a great solution for easier meeting room management. Not only does it provide a predictable and consistent experience for your users, it makes management more efficient too. So here are our top tips for making your meeting room management easier and more efficient:

1. Meeting Room Fit Out

You know that shoe-cupboard-sized meeting room with the peeling wallpaper that no-one ever wants to use? Exactly! Standardising meeting rooms starts with getting the basics right. You’ll have less people clamouring for the best spaces whilst other rooms lay idle, if all rooms are well-decorated and furnished appropriately.

You don’t necessarily want to furnish every room the same, as rooms will come in different shapes and sizes. But choosing a reputable company to fit out and furnish all your meeting spaces, means you have one point of contact if anything breaks or needs replacing. There’s no tracking down where that table came from or who fitted this workbench. They can also ensure that every room has the same quality and desirability, whilst meeting different needs.

2. Room Booking Systems

One of the simplest ways to make meeting room management easier is with a meeting room booking system. Whilst one office may go through a secretary, another office may have a shared spreadsheet or use their company calendar. It can be really confusing – and time consuming.

Increasingly, meeting room booking systems are seen as an affordable way to standardise room bookings across organisations. Systems like Evoko allow people to view and make room bookings from either their outlook calendar or directly at the room, via an intuitive touch-screen interface. Colleagues can see real-time, what rooms are available, if there is a no-show or stop room-thieves! Evoko gives you knowledge and analytics on how the rooms are being used and can be managed centrally. It also saves down-time for the next users as faults or problems with a room to be reported directly, .

3. Screen Connection

How long do you give yourself before a presentation to get set-up? Quite often, we have to allow extra time to connect our device to the main screen if we don’t know what cables or ports we are going to be faced with. Or else delay the start whilst we get our tech working.  You could standardise your meeting rooms, by ensuring every space has the same, vast array of ports and cables to accommodate every device – including that of visitors. But this is confusing in itself for the non-tech savvy!

A better solution for easier meeting room management is to provide a wireless presentation system like ClickShare which allows anyone to connect to the main screen wirelessly via either a USB plug-in button or a downloaded ‘button’.  Clickshare is so simple to use, it takes away the frustration and time-wasting of fiddling with wires. Both small meeting rooms and large conference spaces can be accommodated with the range of different sized solutions. This means that whichever room you are in, you get the same standardised experience.

4. Video Conferencing

Gone are the days when video conferencing (VC) was reserved for the executive board rooms or meetings with overseas associates. In our geographically dispersed working world, where collaboration is vital and technology is accessible, video (including use of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams) is proving to be a great tool for people who want to collaborate but don’t have the time to travel. So it’s becoming more of a necessity for meeting rooms to be equipped with suitable VC equipment.

Affordable cloud-based solutions like StarLeaf offer businesses a simple way to make video accessible to everyone. With solutions designed for both smaller huddle spaces and large conference rooms, staff can have the same easy-to-use, intuitive system whichever room they are in, without having to plug their laptop in. With meeting room solutions that also integrate perfectly with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, StarLeaf offers a centralised meeting room management solution which allows you to seamlessly manage all your meeting room technology deployments via one centralised system.  Now that’s the kind of ‘standard’ I expect!For more information or to arrange a free consultation on how you can standardise your meeting rooms for easier meeting room management, contact us today.

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