Tom Bamford

Commercial Director

As Commercial Director, Tom helps businesses navigate the ever-changing world of AV. He has over 17 years of experience helping companies with easy-to-use technology, ensuring it fully integrates into their business.

Since starting TecInteractive with Richard, the goal was always to help people work smarter, with the ethos being to keep things smart and simple, and that remains unchanged.

Tom’s passion is finding technology that works, is user-friendly and accessible to everyone. With hybrid working being the norm, it’s important to ensure teams can be heard and seen, no matter where they are.

Through TecInteractive’s design and consultation, Tom specialises in creating customised solutions for businesses to adopt new technology and enhance collaboration. He ensures AV solutions improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration while keeping costs low and providing a significant return on investment.

When it’s time to refresh or upgrade, Tom is also on hand to advise on new developments and solutions that’ll further improve ways of working. To do this, he always stays ahead of the curve with new technology trends and understands how people use technology in the workplace.

His passion is finding technology that works and is simple, so that anyone can use it – no matter who they are or if they’ve used it before. If you are looking for advice, contact either Tom or Richard, who will be happy to help!

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