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With the recent Covid-19 global pandemic, there has never been a better time to invest in video conferencing technology.

We can help your organisation to work more effectively using smart and simple online video meeting tools. 

We supply, install and support video conferencing technology from the world’s leading vendors. 

Our video conferencing services are designed with reliabilty and simplicity in mind, making every online meeting a simple and enjoyable experience  for all.

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  • By 2024, only 25% of business meetings will take place in person, down from 60% today

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    Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, Sept 2019

Are you video ready?

Whether you’re new to video conferencing or a video evangelist, you’re here for one reason:  You recognise the growing importance of video communication in business. With video conferencing you can: 

Workplace technology no longer simply means office-based IT hardware. It’s any technology that supports the way we work, wherever our workplace may be. Collaboration, connectivity and productivity are key. And our video conferencing solutions provide exactly that.

Choosing the right video conferencing solutions for your organisation takes a great deal of consideration. Call quality, security, interoperability, ease of use and reliability are all factors. As well as cost, maintenance and scalability.

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Video Conferencing Systems

Video Conferencing Technology for any Organisation. From SMEs up to Global Bluechip Giants.

We offer a range of leading video conferencing platforms and complete meeting room systems plus cameras, microphones, speakers and acoustic solutions. Each product has its own unique benefits and USPs. Wondering which one is right for you? Click on the links below to find out more or give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise.

We offer a range of video conferencing solutions because we know that every organisation has different requirements. 

As an independent provider, we can offer impartial advice on which solutions are right for you, taking into account the individual benefits and USPs of each product, and your specific needs.

  • If you are looking to update your conference rooms to give users a good quality, simple, reliable conferencing experience, we’ve got the video conferencing solution for you.

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    Tom Bamford

    Director, Tecinteractive

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