The way people work is changing. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid working has taken the world by storm.

The number of employees working from home on a full or part-time basis has drastically increased and the need for high-quality video conferencing systems is more important than ever.

At TecInteractive, we give businesses the video conferencing tools they need to work better and achieve more in an ever-increasing digital world. Helping make workplace collaboration professional, simple and enjoyable.

After learning about what’s important to you, we shape smart tech to fit into your business, enabling you to unlock the true potential of your staff and solutions, offering the best video conferencing software for your needs.

Benefits of video conferencing solutions


It’s no secret that a good work/life balance is essential to employee retention. The mobility and flexibility offered by video conferencing gives people more control over their work days, and this leads to improved retention and a sense of connection with co-workers.


Relying on too many disparate solutions can overcomplicate everything. By deploying a consolidated video conference solution that is centrally managed, teams can focus on their meetings instead of being burdened with troubleshooting every meeting.


When you meet face-to-face, you can make a personal connection, pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues and begin to build trust. When in person meetings aren't an option, video conferencing can still help you connect on a personal level.


When working remotely, people will join meetings from a variety of different locations, so its so important to get the quality of the meeting experience right. With the right video conferencing tech, everyone feels included in the meeting, as if they are all sat in one room.

Video conferencing environments

Video conferencing allows you to stay connected, work together, and keep organised wherever you are. It’s especially perfect for the following areas…

Small Rooms & Huddle Rooms

A huddle room is a small and private meeting area perfect for quick and impromptu meetings. The right audio and visual solutions can create an area where your employees can be focused and productive.

Medium-sized rooms

Corporate gatherings in medium-sized spaces require privacy and equipment designed for the space. Video conferencing systems give the end-user peace of mind that their company information is safe and secure all year round with end-to-end encryption and soundproofing equipment.

Large Conference Rooms

A large conference room can be designed with multiple screens and camera types, ceiling mics and surround speakers to create the feel of all remote participants being in the room, with crystal clear audio and video quality.

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Hybrid working blends an on-site and off-site approach to work, providing employees with flexibility regarding where they physically partake in their working duties.

Through audio and video conferencing solutions, businesses can improve their connection with clients, cut costs, and most importantly: save time.

More time leads to a better work-life balance. A better work-life balance means more energy and higher motivation, which leads to increased productivity throughout the company.

In other words, hybrid working is a system designed for success in the digital age.


TecInteractive can transform your meeting rooms so that they’re the perfect setting for remote meetings and video calls, installing video conferencing meeting solutions designed to meet your needs.

Our nationwide audio visual installation service means we can deliver projects anywhere in the UK and you can be assured that we always work to the highest standard, meaning our video conference systems are installed neatly with minimum fuss. 

Our culture, training and processes make a real difference to client projects, which means we continually deliver to the highest standard.

Video conferences help to connect teams


As organizations come back into the office, the reliance on workplace technology has increased beyond previous COVID-19 levels. Technology is now pivotal to business workflow, so equipment must be effectively maintained and updated to ensure businesses can run smoothly.

At TecInteractive, we pride ourselves on the high standards we set in our industry and more importantly, how we maintain them. Our flexible maintenance and service contracts help us preserve these standards, so customers can be confident their video conferencing apps and hardware work seamlessly and ensure business continuity.

Frequently asked questions

How do I maintain my video conferencing system?

To help you maintain your product, we provide intelligent, remote and 24/7 monitoring which allows our engineers to keep software updated and resolve any issues without making a physical visit to your site. This substantially increases immediate fault resolution and dramatically reduces system downtime.

Is any meeting space suitable for video conferences?

The beauty of any video conferencing solution is that it is fully scalable, suitable for small and large meeting rooms – and everything in-between!

What kind of support do you offer your customers?

We offer 48-hour on-site call-out visits to resolve any issues. If any issues can’t be fixed straight away, we’ll provide a temporary replacement kit to keep you going whilst things are being resolved.

Do you offer product training?

Yes. We offer Technical Support which includes thorough training and warranty support as standard. We also provide software and firmware updates on a regular basis to keep your equipment in efficient working order to ensure the continuity of your business and avoid technical glitches from happening when you need your tech the most.

If you are looking to simplify your conference rooms and improve the way you meet virtually, we’ve got the perfect video conferencing solution for you.

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Director, TecInteractive

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