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Workplace wellbeing and technology: The role of everyday technology in creating a healthier, happier workplace

Once a buzzword only used by workplace consultants and health enthusiasts, workplace wellbeing is now firmly on the C-Suite agenda for most businesses. It makes sense. If our people are happier and healthier, then they can be more productive at work, take less time off sick and be more inclined to stay in their jobs. Combine this with our corporate social responsibility to treat people well, and workplace wellbeing looks set to be a key business objective for the foreseeable future.

But how can businesses achieve this and what role can everyday technology play in helping you to create a healthy and happy workplace?

Ultimately workplace wellbeing is not simply about a series of measures or initiatives that a business takes. Free fruit, personal step counters or lunchtime yoga are all great ideas that can boost wellbeing to some degree, but to truly succeed in creating a happy and healthy workplace you need a culture that nurtures that. Did you know that a recent study found that 75% of us have been stressed at work in the last 12 months? And through our own research*, we found that 60% of people are stressed by workplace technology.

We believe that workplace wellbeing and technology are inextricably connected; that having the right technology in place can reduce stress, save time and help to create a healthier, happier workplace. Here’s how:


Connectivity is the binding need throughout any business, but only giving people that option when they’re at their desk is just going to slow them down and stress them out. Laptops to connect wherever you are can take the stress out of getting into the office if you have a meeting elsewhere or if trains are delayed. Even being able to work from different locations around the office can boost wellbeing, as people can choose to work in a setting that most suits their task – whether that be a quiet corner or a busy café area.

Be a Part of Something:

Happiness at work can come from feeling like you’re part of the bigger picture. Great communication is essential to this, but how do you communicate with everyone without clogging up people’s inboxes with ‘company updates’ all the time? Video walls are a simple solution that helps you to keep people in the loop without draining people’s time, by broadcasting important information in communal spaces around the office.

Start on Time:

For many people, time is the most precious commodity at work. Wasted time impedes our output and makes us stressed, but how many of us have wasted time in a meeting trying to use fiddly wires to connect to the main screen? Now, with wireless presentations systems, you can simply plug a button into your USB port or use an app, to connect your screen at the touch of a button. It’s so simple, even the biggest technophobe can use it, so now your meetings can all start on time leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

Video Conferencing:

If you count up how many work hours are lost travelling to meetings you start to realise what the benefit of good quality video conferencing can be. Save the stress (and cost!) of wasting hours driving or commuting from A to B and invest in a video conferencing solution instead. Now with cloud-based video calling you can have secure, affordable, good quality conversations plus screen sharing without the wasted travel time. With a system like StarLeaf, associates from outside the business don’t even need their own system – they just connect using a bespoke URL that you can email to them. With technology like that available, you really can be more productive with your time, less stressed, and have a little more ‘zen’ in the office.


Happiness at work, is in part due to the people around us. The people we interact with on a daily basis help us to feel supported and part of something. Plus, being able to work with others and collaborate is a great way to solve problems or generate ideas. And technology for collaboration is changing the way we work together: increased engagement with touchscreen technology, digital whiteboards to save and share ideas at the tap of a button, and interactive displays which give you access to all your files, internet and video calling. The result is boosted productivity and increased collaboration which in turn will improve the way people feel – happier, less stressed, and enjoying their work.

Workplace Wellbeing and Technology

If you want to create a workplace where people can perform at their best, where they can be most productive, less stressed, connected, supported, active and ultimately, happy, then we want to help. Why not download our FREE Guide to Meeting Room Technology to find out more ideas.  Or talk to us about workplace wellbeing and technology – and how you can use everyday technology to create a happier, healthier workplace.

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* One Pulse Survey: Q: Do you Ever Feel Stressed By Workplace Technology? 60% Said Yes (17 responses)

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