AV technology as a service: How Easy AV can work for your business

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Workplace technology is an integral part of a business as it enables you to not only support hybrid staff, but also host virtual meetings with ease.

Poor AV technology can have a negative impact on your business and its productivity. Connectivity issues, missing wires and poor audio and video, can all cause havoc while trying to set-up and attend virtual meetings.

In order to improve communication and collaboration within your team, and to stay ahead of the curve, you need to keep on top of your AV equipment. This can sometimes become costly and difficult to manage, with installation and upkeep required. However, with TecInteractive’s Easy AV subscription, we can give you peace of mind. We explain more about Easy AV and how it’s beneficial for your business below.

AV technology used in a workplace

What is Easy AV?

Easy AV is our straight-forward monthly subscription plan, which allows you to receive ongoing support and access to the latest AV hardware.

From simple audio, visual and conference technology, to expert advice, installation and training, we’re on hand to create and implement a custom system design that works for your business needs.

Our subscription model means that you can spread the costs, so that your office can be upgraded in a more affordable and seamless way. It can also be scaled up or down, depending on your requirements.

How does Easy AV work?

After chatting with our friendly team of experts, we’ll take time to understand your business and its environment. Asking questions, such as:

  • How many meeting rooms are there in your office?
  • What are the size and layouts of the rooms, and what furniture is in place?
  • What will be the main function of the room? For example, is it a conference room or a presentation suite?
  • What AV tech do you currently have, and what video platforms do you currently use?

We will also discuss your experience with AV technology, like what has worked well in the past, and importantly, what frustrations you have previously faced.

These questions will help us to create a bespoke and cost-effective package, best suited to you.

Once we’ve helped you choose the right equipment, we’ll arrange your installation. Our team of highly experienced engineers’ complete installations nationwide and will set everything up with ease.

If you want more support, we’ll also provide training for your team, so that you feel confident using your new smart and simple tech.

Not only will we be on hand should any issues arise, but we’ll also reach out when your equipment needs updating.

After three years, technology will have evolved and your equipment will likely be ready for upgrading, so we’ll reassess your business’ requirements and advise on the latest solutions to refresh your AV technology.

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What are the benefits of choosing Easy AV?

By choosing TecInteractive’s Easy AV service, your business no longer needs to worry about wires being a mess, people not able to hear you, or your camera not working during video meetings.

Here are some of the other benefits:

Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Trying to join a meeting when your tech is not performing properly can be frustrating, not only does it affect your downtime, but it also negatively impacts the productivity of your team, and can sometimes look unprofessional.

At TecInteractive, we pro-actively monitor equipment to make sure that it’s working as it should be. We can even pick up on faults before you notice them to ensure you’re back up and running for your next meeting.

meeting room set up for virtual meetings

Scale your AV tech up or down with ease

We understand that your business needs can change, so your AV equipment has to be flexible.

Our wide range of workplace technology solutions are designed to improve teamwork and collaboration, so if your team is growing, or more staff are working from home, we can help.

With our subscription plan, the hardware is tailored to whatever your current requirements are. Our team will then do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on what matters.

Workplace technology

Get the latest equipment and upgrades

Now that hybrid working is the norm in many businesses, staff at home need to feel like they’re part of the meeting, whatever their location. Without the right tech supporting this, it can be difficult. We take the time to remain up to date with the latest technological developments to make sure that your business needs are being met. Whether that’s a simple upgrade or an overhaul of your current set-up, our experts will support your transition to the next stage, so your tech doesn’t slow you down.

Minimise your AV costs

It’s more important now than ever to keep costs low in your business, which is why we offer an affordable solution with no large upfront fee.

The upfront costs of a complete AV package can be expensive for many, without tech upgrades, which is why we’ve introduced our monthly Easy AV subscription service.

By paying on a lease basis for products which are essential for your daily operations, you can also claim the subscription as a tax-deductible business expense.

Get in touch to request a quote for your business.

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Need more help with your AV?

At TecInteractive, we can help you at every stage of your technology journey with Easy AV.

From selection and purchase to installation and ongoing support, we are committed to helping you realise the full potential of your technology and the benefits it will have on your business.

Book a demo to find out more about our smart and simple solutions.