Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a means of communication between two or more people in different locations using real-time, visual and audio connections.

Video conferencing is fast becoming the preferred means of communication for teams and associates in organisations who are not always based in the same location. People like it because you get the same sense of working together, but without the cost and time associated with travelling to meetings.

In business, we recognise the importance of face-to-face meetings versus just having a phone call.  We’re able to build better relationships and read people’s body language and facial expressions. All of this helps us to gain greater insight and do better business going forward. And people are much less likely to get distracted by other tasks during a meeting if you can see each other.

With video conferencing, you can enjoy all of these benefits. And it’s cheaper and easier than you may think.

“Whether you’re looking to simply upgrade your video conferencing camera and audio, or adopt a complete solution to connect your entire organisation with each other and the wider world, we’ve got the video conferencing solution for you.

Tom Bamford
Director, Tecinteractive

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Choose from a wide range of Video Conferencing Solutions.

Video Conferencing Systems for any Organisation. Meeting Room, Telepresence, Desktop and Mobile.

GT Mini Option 4

Starleaf GT Mini 3330

The StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 is an affordable yet powerful, HD quality video conferencing solution for mid to large meeting rooms and conference rooms. Conference with anyone via the easy to use, intuitive touch panel interface that just works.


StarLeaf PT Mini 3020

The StarLeaf PT Mini 3020 transforms any desktop computer into a secure, HD quality video collaboration solution, with unlimited guest invitations allowing you to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, right from your desk!

GTm 5140 huddle

Teamline by StarLeaf 5140 Huddle

Teamline by Starleaf 5140 Huddle is designed to be used in smaller huddle spaces and is purpose built for the Skype for Business / Teams environment, delivering professional video conferencing to your business at a very affordable price.

starleaf gtm 5250 for skype

Teamline by Starleaf GTM 5250

Teamline by StarLeaf GTM 5250 provides video conferencing hardware that seamlessly integrates with your Skype for Business server to transform any medium or large meeting space / boardroom into a powerful video conferencing suite.

Logitech Group

Logitech Group Kit

The Logitech Group Kit Conference cam family provide five different hardware options to suit different sizes of meeting space. Turn any space into a video conferencing facility with crystal clear audio and razor-sharp video.


Logitech MeetUp

Logitech MeetUp is an all-in-one video conferencing camera, microphone and speakers designed for smaller rooms and huddle spaces. Turn any space into a video conferencing facility with crystal clear audio and razor-sharp video.

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