Helping Goodrich Consulting go hybrid

Goodrich faced the challenge of enabling hybrid working whilst maintaining collaboration. With employees across 3 offices, they needed a reliable AV system for virtual meetings.  

Project Overview

Company: Goodrich Consulting LLP
Industry: Project Management and Quantity Surveying
Services: Video Conferencing

Goodrich wanted to maintain a hybrid working approach after COVID-19 restrictions eased, but this meant that they needed an AV system to enable them to keep in touch with clients and fellow consultants via video conferencing calls. 

The Challenge

Goodrich lacked an effective video conferencing setup in their conference room, which stifled productivity and collaboration. Co-ordinating large meetings was difficult and when they did occur, the quality of the meeting was poor. 

The business needed an AV system that would enable the Goodrich team to conduct professional, high-quality virtual meetings to impress clients and improve collaboration between teams working from home and those in the office. 

The Solution

AV system

After learning more about Goodrich’s processes and way of working, we shaped smart tech to fit into the business to improve the capabilities of their conference room and enhance productivity and collaboration. 

We installed a Logitech Tap Teams solution – a simple-to-use video conferencing solution for medium-sized conference rooms and designed for Microsoft Teams video calls. Table microphones and a touch console were also put in to ensure crystal clear sound quality and ease of use. The touch console means team members can dial into meetings with just one touch, improving efficiency and accessibility.  

Goodrich can view meeting participants and presentations on a 75″ UHD television, plus use their new Logitech Swytch device for third party (non-Teams) meetings with clients. 

We also offer ongoing support to Goodrich, ensuring they get the maximum return and usage out of their products. 

The Outcome

virtual meeting in office

Goodrich now has an efficient meeting room solution that increases productivity and enables the firm to maintain its professionalism. 

The new system has been well received internally and has future-proofed Goodrich’s conference room to support flexible working. 

Richard Davies, one of the Partners at Goodrich, comments: 

“The technology installed makes every meeting experience far better and more productive. We can also demonstrate to clients that we have embraced new ways of working and can offer flexibility in the future. 

The systems TecInteractive installed have provided a great boost, allowing us to make better use of our conference room facilities. If we had a Teams meeting with more than one person in the organisation in the past, we would have to dial in separately. 

Working with TecInteractive has been great. They are always at the end of the phone if there are any issues, and the post installation service has been really good. Overall, the entire process has been excellent, and we felt well supported throughout. We massively appreciated their vast knowledge in the early stages and continue to do so now 

We’ve recently become a Planet Mark certified company and have set an objective to improve our carbon footprint over the next couple of years. The video room means that we can cut out travel time and emissions by hosting more meetings in the office, with other participants dialling in ”. 

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