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With hybrid working the norm for many businesses, desk and room booking solutions ensure that your office is being used efficiently, especially if you no longer require a desk for every team member.
A comprehensive booking system allows your employees to reserve rooms or desks when they need them, regardless of whether they work in the office or remotely.
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GoBright room, desk & visitor booking

GoBright offers users a complete solution for room booking, hot-desking and visitor management, making it easier for your team to meet, work and visit.
With GoBright, everyone can see which rooms and desks are booked, facilitating better coordination and improving productivity in your office.
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We aim to make collaboration in the workplace as simple and enjoyable as possible for your team

What are the benefits?

  • Save time and improve efficiency by reducing unnecessarily empty rooms, interruptions and dual bookings
  • Review analytics to monitor usage and behaviours, so you can make informed decisions
  • Eliminate the stress of finding a suitable workspace, enabling staff to be more productive
  • Encourage collaboration and effective communication by allowing teams to gather in dedicated spaces

Experience stress-free meetings with GoBright

  • Meet

    The GoBright Room Booking solution makes it easy to find, book and cancel meeting room bookings.

    It integrates easily with your Outlook or Google suites, so you can find, book and cancel room bookings directly from your desktop or using the room-based display touchscreens.

  • Work

    GoBright turns flexible workspaces into personal desks. Desktop mounted indicators make it simple to see which desks are available and smart sensors detect if a desk is unoccupied. You also have the option to book a desk on the smart app.

    Employees can check-in to their chosen workspace with their personal NFC-card or smartphone and the desk can automatically sync to their personal sitting or standing height too.

  • Visit

    GoBright Digital Self-Registration provides a professional, intuitive and GDPR-proof self-registration service for visitors, creating a more efficient sign-in process for staff and their guests.

    Once the guest is registered, the system sends an SMS to their host notifying of their arrival.

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Danny Wake

Operations Director – Extrudakerb

The TecInteractive guys are always available for any questions, training on new features released and they have helped us massively change the way we collaborate internally and with all our clients

Rosie Cottle

Rosie Cottle

Google Review

Excellent service!! We had a new screen and sound system installed in the office for the purpose of hybrid meetings. The guys who came to install the tech were so efficient and helpful – giving me a clear explanation on how to operate going forward. Would highly recommend!


  • Intuitive, innovative solutions that can be bought as a package or individually, according to need

  • Quickly increase the visibility of visitors with badge printing that can be personalised

  • Easy to read traffic light system for room and desk bookings

  • Additional options include, wayfinding and mapping, unoccupied room sensors, personal assistants to find available rooms

  • IT friendly platform that supports all room, desk and visitor management

  • Choose the subscription that works best for you, including different software options and features

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