Best AV Tech for Meeting Rooms 2024

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Updated 12 January 2024
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AV Tech in office

For the best AV technology for your meeting rooms, these audio and visual solutions will equip your business for the upcoming year.

Modern workplaces prioritise collaboration, flexibility and staff well-being, and AV technology is instrumental in achieving these.

With hybrid working now being an integral part of many businesses, you’ll need to ensure that your AV (audio/visual) equipment can connect remote employees to your on-site team. Additionally, you want to be sure that your tech streamlines your team’s workload, improves communication and eliminates (rather than causes) workplace stress.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve or upgrade meeting room elements, see our list of the best AV tech below.

AV Tech in office

1. Plug and Play AV

A ‘plug and play’ solution will allow your team to connect your laptop or tablet to a main screen at the touch of a button.

These wireless presentation systems remove the need to fiddle with cables and wires, allowing your team to enter a room, connect effortlessly and then present. It’s a smoother experience for your team and those they’re presenting to and provides a more productive and stress-free meeting. 

To wirelessly connect to a big screen, products like Clickshare are priceless.

latest AV tech in a meeting room

2. Video-ready meeting rooms

Nowadays, it’s not only important to have technology that can facilitate video meetings, but it’s equally crucial that all participants feel heard and seen.

Having a meeting room be ‘video-ready’ will allow your team to stay connected and collaborate with others. Coming in a range of sizes, video-ready rooms are suitable whatever the size of your business, whether you’re looking for huddle rooms or large conference rooms.

To support hybrid working, Microsoft Teams Rooms allow your staff to connect from anywhere on a number of different devices.  Or if you are looking for ways to collaborate and increase engagements, Zoom Rooms are flexible and scalable while offering live polling and Q&A. 

Smart cameras

3. Smarter cameras

Technology is constantly evolving and rather than having your team crowd around one small camera, invest in smarter cameras that allow all meeting attendees to be seen and heard.

Depending on the size of your room, you can have multiple smart cameras installed in your meeting space, allowing those who are dialling in to have a view of the wider room and who is speaking or presenting.

We love Creston’s 1 Beyond Automate as it combines voice activation to switch the full multi-camera automatically, depending on the location of the speaker. This allows those at home to benefit from engaging close-up camera shots and provides hands-free ease for your team on-site.

Conference call on Zoom

4. Crystal-clear audio solutions

Hearing every participant in a meeting room is essential for engagement, whether you’re having a conference call or showing a video presentation.

You no longer require a fancy integrated sound system to have crystal-clear audio solutions for your meetings. Plug-and-play speakers and microphones now offer great sound quality and mask distracting background noise without messing around with the office infrastructure.

Products like the ground-breaking Nureva HDL-300, provide crystal-clear sound and microphone coverage from its wall-mounted position, offering quality and simplicity. You can connect easily to personal devices for both network calls and a unified comms (UC) application of your choice, as well as easily install it on a wall, display or stand.

Interactive displays image 1

5. Interactive displays

Many businesses are enhancing their meetings and improving collaboration by incorporating interactive displays into meeting rooms.

Interactive displays are equipped with various features to make meetings more seamless, including inbuilt PDF and PowerPoint viewers, remote annotation, editing and digital clipboards. This allows different users to collaborate on the same document, making planning and working together easy.

Allowing you to bring your meeting to life, interactive displays, such as our SMART products, allow you to collaborate in one room or from different locations.

Room booking panel

6. Meeting room booking

Provide your team with the tools to make planning their workdays easier using meeting room booking tech.

Offering a complete solution for booking spaces, hot-desking and visitor management, meeting room booking makes it easy for your team to book a chosen workspace when visiting the office.

The GoBright Room and Desk Booking is the perfect solution as it is integrated with your Outlook or Google suites, so you can find, book and cancel room bookings.

Improve audio on conference call with acoustic solutions

7. Acoustics solutions

As audio problems are the main issue reported during video conferencing meetings, adding acoustic solutions to your meeting rooms can greatly improve meeting quality.

Acoustic solutions help improve sound quality for your meeting by removing reverb and background noise. There are multiple ways you can place acoustic solutions, such as on the floor using acoustic towers or applying acoustic material on the walls. For the best results, using a suspended acoustic ceiling offers the highest degree of absorption.

Scale your tech with Easy AV

We know it can be costly to upgrade your AV tech, which is why we’ve introduced our Easy AV monthly subscription plan. This straightforward plan lets you spread the cost, so you can upgrade to the latest AV hardware, like the ones above, to improve collaboration and communication.

Throughout your subscription, you’ll receive ongoing support from our friendly team of experts, who’ll be on hand to ensure your meetings run smoothly.

Plus, our plan allows you to scale your AV requirements up or down.

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