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Meeting Room Tips

video meetings

The Best Hardware for Video Meetings

The secret to great quality video meetings is in the hardware. Choosing the right cameras, audio and video management systems can transform your meetings, making them more engaging, more professional and more enjoyable. For everyone.

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paperless office

The PaperLess Office: Cost-cutting reality or paper-dreams?

A paperless office saves money, reduces waste, is better for the environment and improves security. So what is holding people back? We look at why a paperless office is still a paper dream for some businesses, and provide our tips for tearing up paper-usage in your organisation.

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Alernative Presentation Tools better than powerpoint

Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is still the go-to software when creating presentations. But in our new world of video or hybrid meetings, we need more than just pretty slides to make our presentations engaging and memorable. And how do we avoid appearing like a Downing Street News briefing, trailing through slide after Powerpoint slide?

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technology for agile working

The Right Technology For Agile Working

Agile working is the means of being able to work anywhere. But getting technology right in an agile working environment isn’t simply about giving people a wi-fi password and a laptop. Too often businesses choose to adopt agile working without giving enough consideration to what they really need.  So what technology is the right technology for agile working?

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