Explore huddle room tech

Explore huddle room tech

Table top console

Start Teams/Zoom/Google meetings at the click of a button

Acoustic Totem for improved sound quality

All-in-one Videobar with camera, microphone and speakers

43” Display

Empower your team to connect and collaborate with huddle room technology.

Breakout from the main office into a small private meeting space, perfect for one or two people to conduct meetings, collaborate or have a one-to-one.

Huddle rooms can also be used for video calls, using a wide-angle camera with an integrated microphone and speaker to make sharing content and exchanging ideas in real-time easy, no matter where your team is based.

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Huddle Room
Huddle Room

Maximise huddle room collaboration

Connect and collaborate

We understand that for efficient and productive meetings, your huddle rooms need technology that assists collaboration.

By incorporating cutting-edge AV technology that enables screen and document sharing, your team can concentrate on the meeting agenda.

Benefits of good AV tech for your huddle rooms

AV Solutions for huddle rooms

Wide-angle cameras

Wide-angle cameras ensure each attendee fits in the frame when sitting close to the screen.

Wide-angle cameras

One-click join experience

Remove the need for links or remembering passwords by joining your meeting with one click.

One-click join experience

Room Booking

The complete solution for room booking, hot-desking and visitor management, giving you the ability to reserve rooms and sync bookings to your calendar.

Room Booking

Audio Solutions

Enhance audio quality in your small rooms with our range of products, including sound totems and sound bars, for seamless communication.

Audio Solutions

Client Case Studies

Selected Projects

A selection of  AV projects for clients across the UK

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    Blueprint and TecInteractive worked together in partnership brilliantly, they really took the time and very early on in the project to understand us and the nature of our organisation. I think the space that we have now has really helped cement our culture.

    It has definitely improved our employee’s want and desire to be in the office. I’m also proud to bring visitors into Beeston now, and I think everybody who works here is too.

    ​​Julie Hillman

    Transformation Director Worldline UK&I