Worldline UK & I’s Innovative Office Transformation

Worldline transformed their office space with immersive technology and video conferencing solutions to create collaborative workspaces that support hybrid working and innovation. 

Project Overview

Company: Worldline UK & I
Industry: Fintech
Services: Consultancy, Installation and Support

In today’s business environment, collaborative workspaces equipped with audio visual tools are pivotal for driving innovation, productivity, and employee engagement. This case study looks at how Worldline UK & I, a key player in the fintech sector, adopted immersive technology and flexible work solutions to promote invention, collaboration, and interactivity within its teams.

Worldline are a global leader in digital payment and transactional solutions. They have 18k employees across 50 countries and invest €250M in R&D annually. Worldline UK & I are headquartered in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.


Initially the brief was to develop a presentation suite to enable Worldline to host customers and be able to showcase its range of solutions. They wanted a space where they could bring colleagues together with customers and industry and really push boundaries.

Through the consultancy process, the leadership team discussed their goal to create collaborative workspaces for their employees to support the need for hybrid working and to provide the latest technology to help them retain and attract talented people.

“Our people are the most important part of our business; it is fundamental for us that we provide them with the best possible environment to work in.”

James Bain, CEO of Worldline UK&I


Working alongside Blueprint Interiors we developed a new office space enabling teams to discover new ways of working, freeing them to collaborate, invent and work to the best of their abilities.

Immersive Suite

immersive technology

The immersive suite allows Worldline to bring their range of solutions to life. Customers are immersed in presentations across three five-meter walls with full surround sound and visitors are given the opportunity to interact with the content and delve deeper into areas. There is no death by PowerPoint at Worldline! It’s already changing the way they work with their customers and develop their future partnerships.

Video Conferencing Technology

video conferencing in a conference room

For Worldline, video conferencing technology is crucial for their business, not only to support employee’s hybrid working but also to support efficient working with Worldline offices around the world.

To ensure everybody can be clearly seen, clearly heard and feel like they’re in the room, the system has two large screens, table microphones and a smart camera.

The key feature was to make it easy to use, so anyone can walk in the room and tap join to start the meeting. Designed to work with Zoom and MS Teams, the device makes any conference, training session or presentation a seamless experience.

“Blueprint and TecInteractive really took the time to understand us and the nature of our organisation”

Julie Hillman, Transformation Director Worldline UK&I

Innovation Space

audio visual technology used in an office

The office space features versatile AV technology enabling dynamic activities such as interactive presentations, brainstorming sessions, and video conferencing, encouraging collaboration among employees.

The intentionally flexible layout promotes creativity and inclusiveness in larger groups through an informal setting that provides everyone with an opportunity to contribute their ideas.

Work café / Nottingham Square

flexible workspaces

Throughout the office, there are several interactive screens with video conferencing cameras so they can stay connected to colleagues in other Worldline offices.

The space has been designed to allow colleagues to collaborate centrally or to move away for focus time or private calls.


Julie Hillman, Transformation Director Worldline UK&I

“Blueprint and TecInteractive, worked together in partnership brilliantly, really took the time and very early on in the project to understand us and the nature of our organisation. I think the space that we have now has really helped cement our culture.
It has definitely improved our employee’s want and desire to be in the office. I’m also proud to bring visitors into Beeston now and I think everybody who works here is too.”

James Bain, CEO of Worldline UK&I

“The new space is better than I could have ever imagined. For me, this project wasn’t just about changing the way the office looked, our people are the most important part of our business, it is fundamental for us that we provide them with the best possible environment to work in. We hope that by completely transforming the space that we will inspire and motivate our people, enabling them to collaborate, invent and work to the best of their abilities.”

Can you create a space like this for your own people, one that equips them ready to achieve your own business aims and ambitions?