asecos Elevates Demos with Custom Video Conferencing

asecos encountered challenges with their existing AV setup during product demonstrations. With our help, they now have a bespoke video conferencing solution. 

Project Overview

Company: asecos
Industry: Hazardous materials storage and handling
Services: Design, Installation

Faced with challenges in their existing AV setup, including limited camera angles and poor audio during Zoom demonstrations, asecos sought an upgrade. TecInteractive responded with a bespoke video conferencing solution, incorporating a dedicated Zoom Room, intelligent presenter-tracking cameras, and a superior audio system.

asecos are industry leaders providing approved, secure, and eco-friendly solutions for the safe handling and storage of hazardous materials. Their extensive product portfolio includes cabinets, ventilation systems, safety containers, and more, ensuring utmost safety and environmental protection.

Understanding the Challenge: Current Showroom Limitations

asecos approached TecInteractive initially to update the technology in their showroom in Derby so they could hold demonstrations during Zoom calls. In response, TecInteractive conducted a comprehensive site survey and consultation, taking into account the room’s dimensions and layout, as well as discussing asecos’ objectives and requirements for new audiovisual technology.

During the consultation, it became evident that asecos was facing challenges with their current setup. Inside the showroom, asecos arranged their storage cabinet products in a neat manner along the back wall. When conducting in-person presentations for customers, the team would highlight each type of product and showcase their respective benefits.

asecos aimed to achieve the same level of presentation quality during video conferencing calls. Unfortunately, their existing setup, which consisted of a TV and webcam, presented several issues, including insufficient camera angles, and poor audio quality.

The Solution: TecInteractive’s Custom Video Conferencing Design

Based on this understanding TecInteractive designed and installed a customised video conferencing solution for asecos to enhance their audiovisual capabilities and facilitate seamless cabinet demonstrations over Zoom.

The solution included a dedicated Zoom Room setup, equipped with intelligent presenter tracking cameras and user-friendly consoles for seamless control and meeting initiation. The setup featured the Yealink ZVC960 system, which incorporated two cameras, with one camera positioned to capture the meeting room table. Additionally, a presenter camera was mounted on the left wall to track the movement of the presenter at the back of the room, ensuring that as they moved from product to product, the camera smoothly followed their actions automatically.

To enhance the audio experience, an HDL-300 soundbar was installed above the TV, providing superior audio quality across the whole room, without using traditional table or ceiling mics. This gives the presenter the freedom to move around the room whilst always being clearly heard by those on the call. The convenience of a tabletop console simplified the meeting initiation process, allowing for one-touch meeting start functionality – just one tap to start the meeting!

TecInteractive provided valuable support to asecos throughout their decision-making process by offering a comprehensive product demonstration. This demonstration allowed asecos to gain a clear understanding of the system’s functionality, user-friendly features, and first-hand experience of the benefits associated with upgrading their video conferencing technology. With the demonstration showcasing the capabilities and advantages of the new system, asecos were confident in the value it would bring to their sales pitch.

Video conferencing

Beyond Functionality: Aesthetic and Professional Installation

TecInteractive know that enhancing meeting room facilities extends beyond functionality to include a professional and aesthetically pleasing environment. Throughout the installation process, TecInteractive’s team prioritised a clean and tidy finish. Recognising the significance of the “wow factor” for the customer, they carefully concealed all wires, leaving no visible clutter, and meticulously cleaned the installation area to ensure a pristine appearance. By ensuring a polished and neat installation, TecInteractive aimed to deliver a visually impressive setup which leaves a lasting positive impression.

Impact and Results: Seamless Demonstrations and Lead Conversions

With the implementation of the new video conferencing tools, asecos has successfully conducted seven Zoom product demonstrations to date, resulting in a number of lead conversions. Additionally, the new set-up has improved the interaction during internal meetings with colleagues in Germany.

AV setup in an office

“We couldn’t be happier with TecInteractive’s amazing service for our showroom project. Their expertise and professionalism were evident from the initial consultation to the final installation. The custom video conferencing solution they designed and installed, exceeded all our expectations. With the intelligent presenter tracking cameras and user-friendly consoles, our meetings have become seamless and efficient. We wholeheartedly recommend TecInteractive for their innovative solutions, expert knowledge in all things AV as well as their unwavering commitment to get it right for their customer. The solution has elevated our product presentations to the next level and will enable us to implement our Training Academy programme over the coming months”.

Les Day, asecos Commercial Director

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